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Overboostin 06-03-2011 01:36 PM

couple issues I need help with
Hey, just did a little inspection the other day, currently at 56k miles. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with some things I noticed.

Rear diff where the driveshaft connects to it looked wet. Anyone have an oil leak there before?

The rear bushings on the front lower control arms looked a bit cracked on both sides. Anyone replace them before?

When I went wheeling today the suspension sounded a bit clunky in the front when dropping down. Possible ball joint warning sign? (im paranoid about this from my reading here)

Got a big expedition saturday so I just wanted to check some of this out before I go.

phil_sauve 06-03-2011 01:40 PM

Re: couple issues I need help with
Oil on the rear diff might be the seal just behind the driveshaft yoke. Should no be leaking that much but I would check your oil before your expedition. Top it off if needed.

Clunk if front suspension could be a link kit or sway bar bushing. Not a very big job actually.

For the rear bushings, I dont have any info. Mine look cracked on RH top but others looks alright.

Crashtown 06-03-2011 02:13 PM

Re: couple issues I need help with
My rear diff leaks at the same spot. I have read some posts on the seal replacement and it sounds pretty basic except for getting the torque spec correct in the pinon nut. I'm too tied up to mess with it, so I just make sure the level is decent once a month. It's not a huge leak, doesn't leave any puddles, and checking the fluid is super easy with that damn rubber plug.

I have cracked busings all around F & R. Replacing the rear bushings should pretty basic, just pop out and pop in. A nice press is probably necessary for removal and install. If possible, try not to take both arms off at the same time. It's not fun trying to re-allign the entire rear assembly and wrestle both arms back in. And I rust isn't a problem in my area, but soaking everything with some PB Blaster or Knock-R-Loose wouldn't hurt either.

I had some front end clunk after installing my lift. It just turned out to be a couple of loose swaybar links.

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