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richxgior 06-07-2011 01:36 AM

srt8 springs on laredo?
im looking to get the srt8 rims 20'' but....i want it to look nice and dropped on my laredo like the srt8's..can i just buy srt8 springs to drop it or no..something like these?

DJ BoNiOmArIo 06-07-2011 01:42 AM

Re: srt8 springs on laredo?
yep just buy the springs and you can drop it like its hot

I always suggest to get shocks with that too if you havent upgraded yours yet just due to the fact the stock shocks are garbage and browse around the forum ppl are always selling their SRT8 springs

SvenskaJeepGuy 06-07-2011 01:48 AM

Re: srt8 springs on laredo?
yep, i have them on my WK

SvenskaJeepGuy 06-07-2011 01:49 AM

Re: srt8 springs on laredo?
check the for sale forum, you can get them around $100-125 shipped here for all four of them

richxgior 06-28-2011 10:11 PM

Re: srt8 springs on laredo?
sounds good guys, do the shocks make a big diff?

Chaoul1 06-28-2011 10:55 PM

Re: srt8 springs on laredo?
If you install the SRT Springs with the stock shocks/struts, the stock shocks/struts will bust and leak....Not worth it. I just bought a set of 4 SRT Springs. I am waiting to buy my Bilstein Shocks/Struts. Once I get those I am installing everything together along with my SRT F/R Sway Bars.

Do everything right and you'll be happy.

Also, the Bilstein Shocks/Struts make a tremendous difference compared to our stock set-up.

White Chocolate 06-28-2011 11:09 PM

Re: srt8 springs on laredo?

Are those the bilstein product we should buy? I remember Scott saying something that theyre worth like 700 bucks??

Where do you buy those from?

soontobesrt 06-28-2011 11:21 PM

Re: srt8 springs on laredo?
Yeah man you can just swap them in for a nice dropped look. Plus handling will be a little better due to the lower center of gravity and increased spring rate :) You dont NEED to do shocks as the drop isnt severe enough to over compress them but its a good idea for better handling and duration of the suspension if your going to be doing it. Bilsteins will run you pretty penny though so if you're on a budget just try the springs out and go from there :)

ChrisWk 06-28-2011 11:48 PM

Re: srt8 springs on laredo?
I got spring only on the oem shocks rides like stock, Do it

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