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UrbanAssaultJeep 06-07-2011 07:35 PM

01 Limited AC Squealing
So when I got my 01 JeepGC Limited, the previous owner told me he replaced the belt attached to the ac compressor with a cheap $14 belt from the local auto parts store.

When I turn on the AC, it has that belt squeal type of noise the entire time its on and he had said he thought it was a bad bearing and I've been told you cannot replace just the bearing on these compressors. My question is, if it was a bearing, would it sound like that or is this just related to the cheap belt he put on?

If it matters, I disconnected the plug to the compressor so it does not squeal.

Thanks for the heads up.

mon_21 06-07-2011 07:49 PM

Re: 01 Limited AC Squealing
Did you try changing the belt for starters?

UrbanAssaultJeep 06-07-2011 08:04 PM

Re: 01 Limited AC Squealing
No not yet, any recommendations on a belt? I have the 01 Limited with 4.7. Also, if the belt does not fix the problem, any ideas where else to check for possibilities?

Frango100 06-07-2011 09:42 PM

Re: 01 Limited AC Squealing
I would think that if its the belt, it would squeel all the time, independent of airco on or off. If you have a mechanics stetoscope, you can more easily pinpoint the source of the noise. But im affraid that in this case it is the compressor bearing. Remove the belt and switch the airco in on and feel/lissen how the compressor is behaving.

UrbanAssaultJeep 06-08-2011 09:39 PM

Re: 01 Limited AC Squealing
I turned on the AC today while vehicle was running to listen under hood and noticed that the compressor wheel was not spinning so just trying to figure out if this is bearing related or could be something else with the compressor?

Is it true that the bearings on these cannot be replaced? I really do not want to spend $500-1000 to fix this lol.

Frango100 06-09-2011 10:04 AM

Re: 01 Limited AC Squealing
You did re-connect the connector you removed before from the compressor?
Can you turn the compressor wheel by hand with engine off? If you switch the compressor on/off, do you see any dip in the engine speed?
Or the solenoid which has to connect the compressor to the wheel is inop, or the compressor is jammed.
The solenoid and wheel can be bought separately. Maybe some specialist in airco systems can change the bearings from the compressor, but i don't know if that compensates. If the bearings are shot, most probably the rest of the compressor is also worn or will be soon.

UrbanAssaultJeep 06-19-2011 06:16 PM

Re: 01 Limited AC Squealing
Yes I reconnected that connector. I just tried turning the wheel by hand and no, I cannot get it to turn. How would I figure out if its just the solenoid and would that make it squeal?

Frango100 06-19-2011 07:57 PM

Re: 01 Limited AC Squealing
The solenoid will not make it squeal, looks more as one of the bearings. Never tried to turn the compressor by hand myself, but would not suspect a too high torque to turn around. Are you sure it rotates by the serpentine belt, or that the serpentine belt is just slipping over the drive wheel, making the squeal?

UrbanAssaultJeep 06-19-2011 08:27 PM

Re: 01 Limited AC Squealing
In guessing its a bearing too. One day I forgot to mention and I had the hood open for a buddy to listen and he said he saw small pieces of rubber shooting off the serpentine belt so I don't think its slipping if its doing that.

Frango100 06-19-2011 09:40 PM

Re: 01 Limited AC Squealing
Shooting small pieces of rubber from the serpentine belt???? That is not normal. Verify that the compressor wheel is turning with the A/C in on. It looks that it is not and that the serpentine belt is just passing over the stopped compressor wheel, causing the rubber from the serpentine belt shooting away and causing the squeal. It looks that your compressor is stuck. This situation will wear the serpentine belt rapidly and it will finally break.

UrbanAssaultJeep 06-20-2011 03:36 PM

Re: 01 Limited AC Squealing
IS a stuck compressor fixable on these or no?

Frango100 06-20-2011 05:16 PM

Re: 01 Limited AC Squealing
The Jeep manual says no, but you can better ask it to an airconditioning specialist. Maybe that they can do something. But did you confirm that the compressor wheel is not turning with the airco in on? I just tried it on my Jeep, but i can turn the compressor by hand, not so much force is needed.

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