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hammer1234 06-09-2011 10:09 AM

Thunk when upshifting
Now that I've been driving the Jeep for a few days I've noticed an occasional thunk when the car upshifts. I can make it "worse" by accelerating under moderate to heavy throttle and then suddenly backing off the gas. It feels like it's coming from the something is engaging in the transmission a bit hard. The Jeep otherwise shifts fine (except for the tendency to upshift a bit soon under light throttle which I think there is a TSB/update for).

Is this something "normal" for these vehicles or should I add it to the list of things to have the dealer check when I go in for service? If it isn't normal can it wait for routine service or should I get it in sooner?

Escape 06-09-2011 10:50 AM

Re: Thunk when upshifting
Is it 4 wheel drive?

I'd check for slop in the T case.

Have someone under the Jeep looking at the front driveshaft. Apply the parking brake and also press on the brake pedal as you shift it through P,R,N,D and back again several times.

If it moves excessively and thunks back and forth there is to much slop.

Take it in to the dealer as it is a new vehicle and at the least have them note the issue as they probably wont do anything to fix it...never know though you might get lucky and they will fix it.

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