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Schleprock 06-10-2011 10:14 AM

Avoid Newark Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge in Newark, DE
Put this on the red site, going to put it on here as well.

Went in a week prior to 2012 SRT8 ordering and told them exactly what I wanted, I knew more than they did about the vehicle. They were to order what I wanted the minute order banks opened. We agreed to Affiliate pricing.

No call Monday afternoon. I wanted red, so I waited a bit to see if it opened up. Got a call Tuesday and before he got it out of his mouth I already told my salesman I knew red was not available, but I was interested in Mineral Gray and would be in the next night due to busy schedule.

Went in Wed., sat down and did the order, but they didn't officially send it in while I was there, said they needed to confirm their allocation (I'm starting to get fishy). So I walk out with the printout and having given them a $500 good faith check, suppose to get a call back the next day confirming the allocation.

No call yesterday, I call them and he tells me he needs 5 minutes to talk to the owner. I call back 20 minutes later and a royal crapfest starts. I'm not going to speak ad nauseum about all that went down, but needless to say I called him out while he was tripping over his words about "you have an order, but we don't know our allocation yet. But as soon as we do, you will have an order". He failed to realize I already know how the process works from my brother-in-law being a sales manager for 16 years and I have ordered many cars. I explain they already know their allocation, ask why isn't mine ordered, if it hasn't been ordered then I have no ordered vehicle and I want to know why I don't, why is he talking about price when we already agreed on that, etc... He comes clean and tells me the owner never ordered the vehicle, and wasn't planning to until pricing comes out, and that he knew it the night before when I was there. Thus proving my suspicion why they never hit the official order button and gave me a VON#. He goes on to patronize me then with "we didn't have our credit run, or financing in place yet, and I only left a $500 deposit." Mind you, we were never asked to do this before the potential order, only what they asked. In short, lied to my face for over a week, and wasted my time at the dealership on 2 evenings.

I told him to go tell his owner that I came to them, did everything desired, was honest and there when I said I would be, provided a deposit...and expect my order to be placed....or else I'll immediately call the dealer I bought my 2010 from who will order it in a second for me.

No call after 2.5hrs. So, I called the other place, and they ordered it immediately while we were on the phone and said to send them the deposit in the mail, "as a multiple, past customer your money's good here for now, just send it in the mail". Sales Manager emailed me the POC with order date, VON, etc. while we were on the phone. Oh, and they said they would be happy to honor Affiliate pricing no questions asked so long as I have the Control Number. Moral here....I should have stuck with who I had good dealings with in the past. I tried to support the "local" community (15 minutes away vs 1hr) and was "wined and dined" up front, then left hung out to dry.

I'll drive the 1hr to the other place even for mechanical work now. I'm not even going to give service dollars to people who lie and question my integrity when I have done nothing to deserve that treatment.

wildbill 01-30-2013 04:48 AM

Re: Avoid Newark Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge in Newark, DE
Good to know.

Which dealership do you use now?


jyanez 02-23-2017 02:09 PM

Re: Avoid Newark Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge in Newark, DE
Wish I had known to avoid them. The night I took mine home, I had issues with it. I messaged the girl who sold it to me about it. She said it was probably nothing. 3 months later its still an issue and when I called them they said I had to drive to them because they couldn't "guarantee my local certified dealership could fix it. " Multiple issues with brand new car since then.

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