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Kodiak 06-13-2011 04:19 PM

Forward Collision Warning system
Just purchased a 2011 Overland 5.7L fully loaded (May 2011). Very happy with everything except the darn FCW systems. Also noted a minor issue with the 730N RHR media system. I've reported this to Jeep and hopefully will have a response soon.

Forward collision warning system

1. It doesn't work with moving vehicles; doesn't detect objects when switching lanes
2. Far vs Near setting doesn't seem to matter

I've tested this functionality on mine and also a few brand new Overlands at the dealership and they all behave the same. You can ride up really fast on the tail of a car and no alarm will sound. If the car in front is stopped or nearly so, the "Brake" alarm will sound when you reach close to 10-15 feet (not exactly an avoidance distance! :) ) If the vehicle in front begins to move forward and you continue to approach, no alarm will sound.

In addition to what limited information is provided in the Jeep marketing material and also federal guidelines for these systems, the Jeep system doesn't seem to conform.

I think this is a serious issue and have communicated the same to Chrysler Jeep. They seem to be on it, but haven't received a resposne yet.

2. 730 Media Center won't update all my iphone 4 address book records (I have over a thousand...I know a lot). Stops at 848 records.

3. 730 Media Center - received an error message yesterday after parking in an underground garage for 5 hours stating that it couldn't find the Nav database and was in the process of installing. Took me 15 mins to get home and the Nav/Voice Recognition functionality refused to function. If you looked up the System information on the main menu, it read "error" next to the database version. There was an icon showing that records were being transferred next to the bluetooth icon...similar to when you update your address book. The next morning the system was back to normal. Does anyone know if you can reset the Nav system somehow?

Looking forward to your responses!

Nouveau Redneck 06-17-2011 01:27 PM

Re: Forward Collision Warning system
My collision warning seems to work fine. It has only activated twice. Once I was already moving my foot toward the brake pedal because a car had changed lanes in front of me doing about 30 mph slower than I was going. The second time I was looking at a store window while driving by it and the car in front of me had locked up its brakes because a pedestrian had darted out in front of him. In both situations I was able to brake sufficiently in time to avoid an accident.

I have the 430N, not the 730, so I can't help with your other issues.

brightfire 03-03-2012 03:49 PM

Re: Forward Collision Warning system
I have a 2011 Overland Summit GC and the Forward Collision Warning system is not working at all. Regardless of Far or Near setting. I hope the dealer has a way of really testing the system. I expect it to work. The radar hardware seems to work because when using the Adaptive Cruise Control it works great. and the three distance levels are clearly different. But not so much as a peep or light from the FCW system at all.

Also I am very disappointed with the 730N system. Bluetooth pairing itself works, but fails to recognize the phone is in the car most of the time. Every time my wife gets in the car it does not see her iPhone 4S until her second or third phone call.

I am not sure why system needs to transfer address book to 730N anyway. Why can't it just dial from the phone? The only reason to transfer to car address book would be to capture the addresses for NAV. But it only transfers phone numbers from the iPhone 4 or 4S, no addresses. So what is the pint of the address transfer? If you don't have the phone with you, no calls anyway.

Also the map is so old. We have lived in our house since 2000 and it is still not in even allowed to be entered as a valid address. Navteq keeps claiming a map update in the spring and will charge $150 for the privilege.

Also I have never been able to get any Artwork for albums to show up. From iPod with USB nor even when painfully slow ripping a CD diretly to the HDD.
The only artwork are these lame built in category artwork substitutes.

Also the ability for the seat settings to determine who is driving based on the key fob, is crazy. I try to program each fob as instructed but no matter what both fobs only activate the last seat # programmed. Also it only appears to do anything if you actually dig key out of pocket or purse and press the unlock button. It should just recognize the key wirelessly. It does for stating but not for seat memory.

Software of unit is at 2.12. Any advice on any of these items?

Snipe315 03-05-2012 05:25 PM

Re: Forward Collision Warning system
I have a 2012 Overland and both FCW (Forward Collision Warning) and BSD (Blind Spot Detection) work correctly.

Both have alarmed when required in real life driving.

While neither system is idiot proof, they are both very good. Both systems are very similar to the Mercedes versions.

Of course, despite trying to make these systems idiot proof, someone always goes and makes a better idiot.


rdalcanto 03-14-2012 01:18 PM

Re: Forward Collision Warning system
I have found that if you are braking a little, it won't activate, because it assumes you are already braking for a reason. One way to test it is to not slow down when the car in front moves right to turn right. The FCW will see that car and think you are going to hit it and alarm.

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