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mmoreda 06-16-2011 02:20 PM

Body Shop Repair Issues - Help Appreciated

So unfortunately, after about 6 months of enjoying my beautiful brand new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo X, an 18 year old kid with an alcohol buzz (I live in Puerto Rico, where the legal drinking age is 18) accidentally slammed into the rear driver's side door. Damage was done to the door, the rear panel, and some of the plastic trim around the wheel well. It wasnít mayor damage but enough to cost a pretty penny.

So I took the SUV to a reputable body shop where they proceeded to put in a new door shell, replace the plastic trims around the wheel well, and repair the rear panel. As far as paint and bodywork go, they did a great job; you canít tell the difference.

My problem is related to the new door assembly. When installing the new door shell, they had to move all the pieces from the damaged door to the new one. This included the chrome trims as well as the glossy black pillar trims. When I took receipt of the vehicle, I instantly noticed how the trim around the window was off. By off, I mean that it didnít sit as flush against the body when compared to the trim which was factory installed on all the other doors; it was slightly raised. Moreover, when you knocked on the glossy black pillar trims, you could hear a hollow sound as opposed to the solid sound the factory installed trim produced. I quickly mentioned the problem and they agreed to fix it. I was in a hurry so we decided to schedule a drop off on a later date.

About 4 days after leaving the body shop, I could tell the pillar trim was detaching from the pillars. It was probably due to the raised stance and drag pressure when driving. About two days later I noticed, through the rear view mirror, that one of the trims (c-pillar) had come off and was hanging on thanks to some double sided tape. I immediately stopped the car, pulled the trim off and went to the shop. Once again, I was unable to drop the car off because of time constraints so they took the trim off and sealed the pillar holes with tape. I have scheduled to take the car back on monday.

I argued with them over the poor craftsmanship and the fact that I believed they had duped me by breaking the trim clips and using tape to conceal the problem. They assured me that the trims actually go on with tape and that they donít have clips. I was somewhat doubtful they were being 100% truthful so I decided to go online and find out.

I have been able to figure out that the trims do go on with adhesives, specifically 3M acrylic double sided tape. Here is where my questions begin: they put on a fair amount of tape beneath the trim but it wasnít an even trim that covered the entire backside of the trim; it most certainly had pocked of uncovered space here and there. Does the trim adhesive usually cover the entire backside of the trim, or does it go on the outer edges? They used the 3M acrylic double sided tape but I have a hunch they might not have used the right thickness. What should be used in this case? 3M 0.045Ē acrylic double sided? And finally and most importantly, do the pillar trims have clips? The pillar definitively has holes which seem to be for clips and the trim has (at least whatís left) one peg which looks like itís either a centering peg or a broken clip. I have heard that once taken off the pillar trim clip will be useless and the trim must be replaced.

I truly appreciate any help you might be able to provide. I have tried to thoroughly research this topic but given my limited auto knowledge (specifically related to body work) and the fact that there isnít much info out there (or pics!) related to 2011 JGC parts, I have been unable to answer these questions.

Scottina06 06-16-2011 03:22 PM

Re: Body Shop Repair Issues - Help Appreciated
get new trim

mjw930 06-16-2011 04:24 PM

Re: Body Shop Repair Issues - Help Appreciated
^^^^ +1

When my wife had her GTI repaired for a rear quarter panel crease they needed to remove the side molding and lower trim panel. They told me they only replace those parts because you can never get the old part as flush as the new one. It has something to do with the way and type of adhesive tape the factory uses that makes it end up thinner than they can do with the best 3M aftermarket 2 sided tape. The insurance company complained at first but ultimately agreed to the new parts.

SvenskaJeepGuy 06-16-2011 10:43 PM

Re: Body Shop Repair Issues - Help Appreciated
new trim

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