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lewi3069 06-17-2011 10:47 AM

Help, battery bad?
So last night I got my hardwired kit for my escort 9500 in. So I figure I would install it. So here I am installing everything and get everything back together. Wired it into the acc power plug on the drivers side. Get everything back together and about to go return some movies and I get click click click... No problem but push my jeep out and put the other jeep and jump it starts like a champ. So I drive it in to town no problems voltage seems a little low but holding around 13.7. So this morning about to leave for work and go to start the jeep and same click so push back the jeep and jump drive to work voltage hold around 14.1 the way to work. when I get here i turn it off and back to on to read the voltage sitting at 12.4 turn it off. Then I noticed the back windows are about half way down roll them back up voltage is about 11.7 now didn't think the voltage should stay lower after the load of the windows in off of it. So my thought is with the past few days of the Oklahoma heat the battery is starting to show its age. (looks like stock battery, didn't buy new so cant be sure) I know most are going to think I don't know how to wire the radar correctly, but this is my third one and I'm pretty confident when it comes to hooking things up considering I have hooked up everything in my jeeps which includes 3 viper security/remote start, cb, winch, sub, inverter, ect. I check for shorts and that when I close things up in fear of having a fire one day from wiring something up wrong.

Here is what is hooked up:
Radar (hardwired to acc outlet, so turns off with the car)
CB (usually on 24/7, but turned it off last night)
Remote start (always on, installed for 4-5mo now, no problems)
Sub and inverter are disconnected and fuse for the main wire is pulled.
Winch is disconnected

With all of this said I'm pretty sure once I jump it the alt is carrying the car along and the battery has a bad cell which would be draining it.

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