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Kirman 06-21-2011 10:15 AM

Key not detected - still occuring
Still having key not detected error after new WCM 5/4/11 and additional trips to the dealer. Dealer refused to install RRT 11-047 6/2/11 because the new WCM was up to date when installed. Got the State AG involved in my problem. AG notified dealer and Chrysler they were going to mediate. Yesterday I recieved a call from the dealer saying 11-047 update was known to have a defect and was cancelled by Chrysler so they didn't install it. They claim 11-047 REV is on the way. True or false - anyone know?

Sorry to beat this to death but I need to get truthful answers so I can get the issue fixed.

2005JGC 06-23-2011 02:45 AM

Re: Key not detected - still occuring
Im not going to lie, I think SOMEONE dropped the ball somewhere here... My dealer is currently working through our stock doing these, I did my first 2 tonight and unfourtunatly found that they were done wrong (along with others I asked wtf was up). Using witech a module will have a lightning bolt when there is an update available for a module. It was pointed out to me that there is NO lightning bolt but if the dealer goes into the flash tab in the wcm module they will likely see that the part number available for flash is ahead of that that is currently in the wcm.

Yes, the tech (including myself) should catch this, but when we have been trained by the manufacturer that an update has a lightning bolt over the module and many times there are updates that "apply" to a vehicle that the module is already up to date this information should have been specified in the RRT which with all the information I have and the fact my dealer is working through them is still in order. Furthermore like 2 weeks ago a bunch of our stock were written up for this RRT then cancelled due to an issue with the RRT. I dont know ANY details beyond that other than the fact that we have begun to write them and work them through the shop as of tuesday I believe.

So this is absolutely a guess but considering the wcm is not showing updatability for some reason on the witech that maybe there is infact an update available to fix your concern. I would contact the service manager and inform him of this and see if it would be a problem to see if infact there is a newer software version to update to even though witech isnt informing of an update.

BTW, the RRT mentions the fact that removing fuse M27 and reinserting would clear the module lockup. Just for your information. If makes it function it would make me believe even further that there is an update available.

Good luck! I can feel your pain and am sorry your stuck to deal with this, hopefully your dealer can get your issue sorted out. My only advice beyond here is to either A) bend over and be nice or B) find another dealer you can be nice too... I have said this before, dealers specifically service personell are PEOPLE not droids being controled by the mothership (chrysler) If you puff up and start screaming and hollering, there is a good likelyhood that Billy the service advisor or manager with his own shit doesnt want to put up with yours when your putting on a show infront of other customers slandering the service department that sometimes has no control. Know that a vehicle not repaired is no money in the techs pocket, no money in the writers pocket, and no money in the dealers pocket, they want it fixed like you do, and when its a software issue until chrysler writes new software there will be nothing that can fix it.

Kirman 06-23-2011 01:47 PM

Re: Key not detected - still occuring
Thanks for your input - I will show it to my dealer. I run a customer call center with 600 operators so I don't yell and shout. I do get upset when my service writer tells me to put my owners manual in the bathroom and read it when I take a crap and to stop bothering him.

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