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Frango100 06-26-2011 12:48 PM

Jeep 5-45 RFE tranny problems
I had put this thread under the WJ section, but here more people will see it.
So after almost 150.000 Km of almost trouble free Jeeping (2004 WJ, 4.7L), my tranny started to act up on the freeway. Suddenly downshifted (i thought) with engine rpm somewhere between 5000-6000. Check engine lt came on. Pulled the code and was only showing the P0700, only telling me that the TCM detected some kind of failure. In D the tranny shifted normally from 1 to 2, but when it had to go to 3, the connection between tranny and engine seems to be lost and the engine will rev without any speed change. Putting the tranny in 2 works ok. Using my OBD II scanner gave P0733, "GEAR 3 INCORRECT RATIO". Since third gear is gone, this code is not such a surprise.
I did measure the UD solenoid, which has the same resistance as the others, so electrically ok.
Drained the fluid and it is light browninsh/red of color, but has a burned smell.
There is some light metalic coating on the magnet in the pan, but that was the same 2 years ago. There are some little glinsters in the fluid in the pan, only seen when shining with a bright light on it. There is also some black sludge in the pan.
Is this all a sign of a worn clutch pack and does the tranny need a rebuild?

2005JGC 06-27-2011 08:58 PM

Re: Jeep 5-45 RFE tranny problems
The black sludge is going to be clutch material.

glitter means something is wearing, but realistically in an auto trans so long as you keep the filters changed glitter in the pan is not a sure indication of hard part failure.

I would be interested to see what your CVI's are and if any of them would indicate major clutch pack wear.

Frango100 06-27-2011 09:36 PM

Re: Jeep 5-45 RFE tranny problems
Thanks for the feedback. My jeep is at a tranny shop now for them to evaluate the problem. Tomorrow i hopefully know more, but isnīt it too early for a clutchpack to be worn at 150K km

2005JGC 06-28-2011 01:43 AM

Re: Jeep 5-45 RFE tranny problems
clutches can have abnormal wear from other problems, clutches dragging, seal failure allowing clutch slippage.

I am NOT a transmission guy, I have done some chrysler training, and have professional training from my program I recieved my AAS degree through. I can, and have torn a rfe, rle, te, nag transmissions down and reassemble(d) and have them work but as far as experience in the field, seeing failures and diagnosing concerns I have yet to be raked across those coals (fortunatly).

Ultimately the last trans guy hired at my shop had was a guy that didnt diagnose transmissions, if it was a trans concern, it got a complete overhaul, which is great except by the time you pay for all the extra crap that wasnt broken the person could have paid 500 dollars more and got a 3yr warranty on a mopar reman. Great teachers right ;)

Good luck!

BTW its a chrysler product... 50k kilometers isnt too early for failure, you made it pretty far ;) ha ha

Escape 06-28-2011 10:33 PM

Re: Jeep 5-45 RFE tranny problems
Did you check the input and output shaft speeds? 3rd should be a 1:1 ratio, if the sensor is failing or toasted the trans will freak. Hope that's all it is man.

Frango100 06-29-2011 08:33 AM

Re: Jeep 5-45 RFE tranny problems
The shop called me yesterday and told me they couldnīt find anything wrong with the electrical part of the tranny. They will start to tear it down today, but it looks like that it will become a complete rebuild. Estimated cost between USD 1.800 and 3.200 :(.
But here in Brazil nothing surprises me, a new Jeep costs here USD 85.000...........

Frango100 07-10-2011 07:37 PM

Re: Jeep 5-45 RFE tranny problems
Update on my tranny problem: the tranny guy took it all apart and the OD clutch pack was worn to such extend that 2 of the disks had absolutely no clutch material on them anymore, causing them to slip. All clutch packs are changed, together with all packings etc, but he then also discovered the probable cause for this wear: the seal plate assy between the solenoid pack and the valve body had a breakage of one of the sealing beads, probably causing the clutch actuating pressure to drop and causing it to wear premature. As soon as i have my car (and the parts) back, i will post some pics. It was suppost to be ready last friday, but after a succesfull testdrive, the mechanic discovered a slight leak coming from the torque converter area. Yesterday he removed the tranny again, but sofar no news from him what he discovered. They did a complete rebuild of the torque converter as well (didnīt know that this was possible, they opened the torque converter case, cleaned it and seems that they changed something inside there as well, and finally welded it all together again.)

2005JGC 07-10-2011 11:09 PM

Re: Jeep 5-45 RFE tranny problems
yikes... thats why you use a new front cover/seal on the RFE :) yay for pulling a transmission for free!

Glad to hear all is good (other than your bank account). Hopefully the wj will be back in your possession sooner rather than later.

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