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dspeak 06-27-2011 04:48 PM

2007 Liberty Sport
2007 Liberty Sport
45k miles.

Jeep ran good until this past friday. Drove it to store 2 miles away. Car was a little sluggish like it was getting fuel. Turned engine off, went in store, 5 mins. Jeep was hard to start, driving back home, had to almost floor gas pedal to get any speed, could only get up to about 20 mph. Sat. I changed plugs,(never had one with coil packs before). Old plugs were at .050 to .070. Installed new plugs gapped at .040 like sticker under hood says. Had battery disconnected when doing this. After complete and batter hooked back up, Jeep started fine, ran fine, drove about 10 miles with different speeds and different grades. Came home turned engine off, went inside told wife I fixed it.

An hour later, went back out to check things again. Did not start on first try and there was some clicking under the hood, sounded like starter. After 2 or 3 more tries it started and ran fine. When I turned engine off and crank back up, same starting problem. When it did start, engine light came on but it ran fine. Can disconnect and reconnect battery and engine light goes off until the 2nd startup. 1st startup seems ok, but 2nd startup is back to the hard to start.

This morning, Jeep was acting just like it did Friday but with not engine light on. Could only get up to about 25 to 30 mph. Had to keep feathering or giving gas to speed up.

Could this be some kind of sensor? Autozone is 10 miles away through traffice, hate to try and drive it there with this condition. Any and all help is greatly appreciated and I will buy you coffee for any help.

2005JGC 06-27-2011 08:49 PM

Re: 2007 Liberty Sport
do the key dance... on-off-on-off-on leaving it on the last time then look at your odometer... it should display P codes... most chrysler products do this. Get the DTC and we can go from there ;)

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