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cobrakillerta 06-29-2011 01:55 PM

Airaid Jr. vs other intakes?
I have an '06 WK Overland with the 5.7L HEMI and am looking at different intakes. I came across the Airaid Jr. 'intake' which replaces everything in between the stock air box to the throttle body. Most of the other intakes available use a similar tube but add a cone filter and rudimentary heat shield. Personally it seems like the stock airbox set-up will utilize more outside cool air and ward off heat soak better than the intake set-ups which replace the airbox. Opening up the box and drawing in hot underhood air seems like it would negate going to an intake at all. Some of the intakes (IFIK, AFE and Volant) replace the stock air box with their own units and draw in air the same way the stock unit does...Any reason to go with any of these other intakes (Airaid, AFE, Volant, K&N) vs the Airaid Jr. and a dry element filter???

I'm familiar with the BWoody intakes but steer away from it as it's not a street Jeep, same reason why I lean towards the Airaid Jr as it retains the stock water fording abilities of the WK. I'm also wondering if most of the intakes that replace the stock box diminish protection of the motor from water/mud/dirt/etc?

JeepCoop 06-29-2011 04:01 PM

Re: Airaid Jr. vs other intakes?
I have the reg Airraid kit for my 5.7 Hemi and I love it! I 4x my Jeep at least once a month in all kinds of dust, dirt, mud (when avail) and more. I have not had one problem w any dirt, dust or water going in the motor. I have driven through some deep water and deep puddles and nothing. I have the oiled filter on it since I am in the dirt a lot. I LOVE how it sounds, and its given me better HP and MPG (when I stay off the gas) Hope this helps ya! :thumbsup:


Jahkneefive 06-30-2011 09:14 AM

Re: Airaid Jr. vs other intakes?
cobra I have the same opinion you do. My personal opinion and based on my experience with my track cars the most restrictive part of the hemi intakes is that messs of an intake box on the TB and the "squashed" air damn intake. While I mandrel bent my own, i basically did the Jr. tube and then removed the bottom can out of the lower half of the air box to allow more cold air to be "sucked up". If you do the actual math the cross-section area of the air dam rectangle that goes to the grill is half the size of the TB opening, which tells me right there we have an air restriction issue. I'd be willing to be someone lunch that an airaid jr. style setup with a high-flow filter, and removing the bottom cup would be within 1hp of any of the fipk style setups.

brunality 06-30-2011 12:56 PM

Re: Airaid Jr. vs other intakes?
That's exactly how I did mine. I have a K&N stock filter with the Airaid M.I.T. (tube only) and I cut most of the bottom plate out of the stock airbox (leaving the mount). I wish I had a pic to post to show how to make it cleaner than I did. If cut right, you can isolate the airbox from the engine compartment completely (with a small shield made from the cutout). After I cut mine, I realized if you cut straight across from the mount on the bottom, it creates a straight shot down the front fender opening. I cut mine to the edge and there's about 2in of opening on the other side of the frame that opens up into the front of the exhaust manifold area (not as hot as you think when driving, but still very hot sitting still). I'm thinking I'm going to fabricate a heat shield, but I haven't gauged air temp at the filter to know how it's affecting it. What I do know is that it gives me the growl of a typical "cold air intake" and it feels less restricted.
No problems with water at all.

Another solution would be to utilize the removable tube cap on the front of the airbox and create a 2nd intake into the airbox. Not sure how that would work out, but there's plenty of room in there to try something.

cobrakillerta 06-30-2011 08:40 PM

Re: Airaid Jr. vs other intakes?
Sounds good, do you guys have any pics that you can post up of the mods you did to the box?

jlewissystem 06-30-2011 09:23 PM

Re: Airaid Jr. vs other intakes?
Here's my (rather unique/admission) of an air intake :D

I've been playing around with different configs for this. Summoning the spirit of MacGyver, i noted to have the following:

*Stock air intake system
*Old K&N from a ZJ (Note: I didnt ultimately use this filter)

Taking the flow of air into account, rain water going into the front "hole" and river terrain, I decided to leave the bottom 1/2 of the stock airbox (already came in handy on a 1.5ft river overflow :) I used this to both block water from entering the filter and to create a template/mount for my heatshield.

First off, the creation that is the tube is wrapped in 2 layers of heat resistant foil, mushed down (mostly smoothed) and match painted with my other items with VHT (Red). Many layers.

I sawed my existing heatshield in 1/2 and added an "L" bracket to it, to mount it to the bottom 1/2 of the factory airbox - then painted it black to match.

I added (DONT HATE ME FOR THIS!! :lol:) a 3.5" PVC angle for the filter.

All of this combined make my air intake VERY unique. :D I've been very happy so far with no water being around the intake. I'm in MO and we've have too much freaking rain at times :) I hope this helps someone with an idea!


brunality 07-01-2011 09:48 AM

Re: Airaid Jr. vs other intakes?

Originally Posted by cobrakillerta (Post 440285)
Sounds good, do you guys have any pics that you can post up of the mods you did to the box?

As soon as I get some time, I'm going to open it back up and get some pics of what I was trying to describe. Should be later tonight.

NHWK05 07-04-2011 08:42 AM

Re: Airaid Jr. vs other intakes?
Cobra, I agree with you 100% on your original post. Thats why i like the Airaid Jr kit.

I have been running a crude home made setup using the stock air box, K&N factory replacement filter, removed the cover from the air inlet behind the grille and using the stock ribbed intake plenum and a piece of pvc to connect the stock air box to the throttle body. This works well and i think much better then stock but it still does not have the feel that a nice CAI has.

So what i am working on now is modifying a K&N 63 series intake plenum tube to fit from the throttle body to the stock air box. This will insure that the air has a nice smooth ride from the air filter to the throttle body (unlike the ribbed plenum).

Once thats fitted properly i am going to remove the flat k&n filter and insert a tube in to the top of the stock air box cover so i can mount a cone filter inside the stock air box. This should give me the same benefits of an out of the box CAI w/o heat the heat associated with the engine bay and cheesy heat shields.

This will keep cold air coming in from the grille, with the benefit of a cone filters mass and the smooth flow of a manufactured CAI.

Then everything will get painted once i decide on the right color for the whole intake an my strut bar.

This is my Mockup so far.

Chaoul1 07-04-2011 08:46 AM

Re: Airaid Jr. vs other intakes?
I used to have a Full Airaid Kit. But I sold it to Greg haha because I wanted to install my Bwoody. Then I decided not to so I found a really good deal and bought a Airaid Jr Kit. It feels better on the throttle instead of feeling restricted.

XenonDepot 07-07-2011 04:14 PM

Re: Airaid Jr. vs other intakes?
The K&N air intakes have been a very popular seller and they certainly perform quite well. When talking about air induction you have to at least consider a reputable name like K&N :) 05-02-2015 04:58 PM

Re: Airaid Jr. vs other intakes?
Any one put a K&N air intake on a 2014 JGC I tried the K&N 77- but the heat shield grommets would not line up with the factory studs I was told it fits well it don't fit piss in Ohio any help did I do something wrong.

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