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Crashtown 06-29-2011 04:22 PM

05' 5.7 Hemi Spark Plugs, EGR, Catch Can?
So in my many searches for some input on routine maintenance on my 82K 05' 5.7 WK Hemi (mainly spark plugs, PCV, & transmission service) I have come a across some threads on TB cleaning, EGR valve, and catch cans. I'll check the TB and see what I find, but how will that tell if a new EGR and catch can will be beneficial... or should I just do it anyways? What are the pros/cons of a catch can?

JeepCoop 06-29-2011 04:47 PM

Re: 05' 5.7 Hemi Spark Plugs, EGR, Catch Can?
Good list of stuff to do there! Just did all the same and added a catch can. EGR should be changed every 60k miles I believe.

The CC is great cuz it catches the extra oil that blows past the PCV and gets routed into the intake. After I installed mine, I wanted 1000 miles and I had about a teaspoon of crud that was gonna cover my TB and intake! Since then, I have driven 3000 miles and it's time for an oil change. I checked the can last night and it was just under half full. Ya dont want this crap going back into your intake, its gross! Hope this helps ya a lil...I'm sure someone will chime in w more info for ya.

jlewissystem 06-29-2011 04:48 PM

Re: 05' 5.7 Hemi Spark Plugs, EGR, Catch Can?
I'm not sure on the EGR - maybe if you're having some stalling issues, go for it. I replaced mine anyway at 60K, even though there weren't any issues. It was relatively easy. If you ahve a HEMI - DEF GET THE CC. I was like you thinking "what does the CC actually get me". Well, i just bit the bullet and bought one. You'd be surprised how much "schtuff" that thing catches :) Just think - the stuff it catches actually get recycled back into your engine :eek:

Chaoul1 06-29-2011 08:36 PM

Re: 05' 5.7 Hemi Spark Plugs, EGR, Catch Can?
Catch Can IMO is a Must for all HEMI Engines.

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