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ChefAsh 06-30-2011 03:16 PM

Truck/ back hatch won't open
I've had my 1994 jeep grand Cherokee about 2 years and the trunk opens when it wants to (with much jumping and pulling it will finally open) but lately I can't get it to budge at all. I'll be moving soon and I really need to get this trunk to open and stay open.

Any help is much appreciated.


2005JGC 06-30-2011 03:35 PM

Re: Truck/ back hatch won't open
I have had one at work that I think ended up being latch adjustment, eh, maybe it was linkage adjustment that I did, in the door... it involved removeing all the screws I could get to with the door closed prying back the pannle the best I could to get my hand down in the door and start grabbing linkage to operate the latch... do it in a way that you can use your body to apply inward force on the hatch, sometimes if there is outward pressure on the latch it can be really hard to unlatch... from there your just going to have to mess with stuff. Ultimately the one I worked on was for a salesman's son and he didnt want to pay for it to get fixed right, iirc a striker adjustment is performed from the bottom under the vehicle but there is alot in the way...

All that said, I dont work on these that much and it was a while ago so if there is some misinformation mixed in here, you have my apologies in advance!

01grand 06-30-2011 03:37 PM

Re: Truck/ back hatch won't open
Had the same issue on my 93. I had to use a screw driver to pop the latch from the inside (I think I ended up breaking some of the plastic around it too). Once its open there are a handful of screws you can take out to pull off the inside panel, which will give you access to the latch. I just had to tighten up the link between the handle and the latch mechanism, and gave everything a good shot of grease to keep it working smooth while I was in there. Took me about an hour one afternoon.

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