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brucieB 06-30-2011 11:02 PM

2008 wk issue
today i drove from NY to PA and back and about 5miles away from home i noticed my truck was making a grinding noise.
i dropped off my friend and as i got near home the sound started to resemble more like i was dragging metal.
i dont know if its my rotors/brakes (but this issue doesnt happen when i brake only while i drive)
i had my tranny fluid changed last within the last 3months under the 36k maintenance
any ideas what this may be?

thanks in advance

2005JGC 07-01-2011 02:27 AM

Re: 2008 wk issue
could be a differential bearing front or rear... interpreting "dragging metal" it could be a squealer tab on the brake pads front or rear indicating your due for a brake job.

brucieB 07-01-2011 04:23 PM

Re: 2008 wk issue
I ruled out the brakes after the sound was still present after changing both rotors and pads

robpp 07-01-2011 05:36 PM

Re: 2008 wk issue
you checked the parking brake SHOES that live on the inner side of the rear rotor? and ajusted with new rotors?

brucieB 07-01-2011 10:01 PM

Re: 2008 wk issue

I decided to take a video of the sound while I drive this is the sound in question

Chaoul1 07-01-2011 10:24 PM

Re: 2008 wk issue
Check your E-Brake! WhenI was driving home one time, mine made that sound and one of the emergency brake pads came off the damn bracket and I thought my transmission or something was going out. I took it to the shop and it came apart, so they replaced both sides of my Brake Pad Shoes.

***See if you can find any grooves in the rotors. This can be caused by small rocks getting stuck inbetween the brake pad and rotors!!!!***

brucieB 07-02-2011 08:52 AM

Re: 2008 wk issue
Can you give me a breakdown on how to check the ebrake

Chaoul1 07-02-2011 09:05 AM

Re: 2008 wk issue
Are you mechanically inclined? I don't want you messing up anything. Get someone to find out which side it's coming then go from there.

brucieB 07-02-2011 09:33 PM

Re: 2008 wk issue
It appears to be more active in the noise when the wheel is turned to the right

soontobesrt 07-03-2011 03:26 PM

Re: 2008 wk issue
Sounds almost certainly like a braking system issue (metal on metal) You said you replaced your pads just recently, which ones did you put on?

Also hows the rotor surface look? Maybe post pic up of front rotors? Does it pull either way under braking, any issue with the pedal begin firm or soft?

If all driving/stopping is normal and the only issue is this audible sound, you may want to get under the jeep and grease all the bushes and joints up and see if that helps. Lot of things this sound could be but sounds most closely to break squealing so Im leaning toward something with the pads/calipers/rotors etc

edit: also like rob said, the ebrake could be stuck on and youve simply driven through it and its just grinding on the inside of the hub now which may make that sound, not to sure(not to hard to do, ebrake isnt that strong haha)

brucieB 07-03-2011 11:44 PM

Re: 2008 wk issue
I went to Midas ans got the brake package thru them

My boy is a mechanic I guess I'll take it to him

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