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Milous 07-01-2011 04:26 AM

2008-2011 WK: Slight moan, drone, buzz or rattle noise coming from the exhaust
Models: (WK= Grand Cherokee, XK/XH = Commander)

2008 4.7L 4WD WK/XK
2008 5.7L 2WD/4WD WK/XK

2009 4.7L WK/XK/XH,
2009 5.7L WK/XK

2010 5.7L WK/XK

2011 5.7L 2WD/4WD WK

Customer indicates that the vehicle has a slight moan, drone, buzz or rattle noise from the exhaust that occurs under light load (1400 – 1700 engine RPM) and vehicle speed between 60-100 km/h (40 - 60 mph). This noise is very rpm/torque sensitive and only occurs in lockup (partial or full).

When confronted by this customer complaint, advise the service technician to confirm that the noise only occurs while the torque converter is in lock-up at low speeds (around 1400 – 1700 engine RPM) at approximately 70 km/h (45 mph). If the noise is heard while the transmission is in lock-up at 1400 – 1700 RPM, put the vehicle into ERS - Tow/Haul mode (deactivates MDS). If the noise is unchanged, perform the following Repair Procedure. If the noise goes away in ERS mode, further diagnosis is required.

Please keep in mind that it’s normal for the sound to change when in MDS mode. Compare to a similar vehicle if necessary to determine if the concern is a normal characteristic. If the noise occurs above 1700 RPM or below 1400 RPM, further diagnosis is required.

Parts Required:

AR (1) RL051146AB Kit, torque Converter (fits 2009 4.7L WK/XK/, 2009 5.7L DS/DC/DH/D1/HB/HG/WK/XK, 2010 5.7L DS/DD/DJ/WK/XK, 2011 5.7L DS/DD/DJ/D2 Only)

AR (1) RL051241AB Kit, torque Converter (fits 2008 4.7L 2WD ND/HB/HG/DR/WK/XK, 4.7L 4WD WK/XK, 5.7L 2WD/4WD DR/HB/HG/WK/XK, 2009 4.7L 2WD ND/HB/HG/DS, 2010 4.7L 2WD ND/DS, 2011 4.7L 2WD DS/ND, 2011
5.7L 2WD/4WD WD/WK Only)

Repair Procedure:

Replace the torque converter. Follow the procedures identified in DealerCONNECT > TechCONNECT >Service Information > 21 – Transmission and Transfer Case > Automatic – 545RFE>TORQUE CONVERTER > Removal/Installation for proper procedures.

sanman 08-21-2015 02:29 PM

Re: 2008-2011 WK: Slight moan, drone, buzz or rattle noise coming from the exhaust
I have a new 2015 5.7 summit 3000 miles on it and it just started to make the same sounds. I'm not sure where it's coming from.

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