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ChrisL1976 07-01-2011 03:22 PM

Installed my DVD headrest
I finally got my Autotain dvd headrests from installed in my 2009 Cherokee and I could not be more pleased. Great kit. Quality is really good especially for the price of $285 a pair.

The package comes with 2 headrests, 2 wireless headphones, 2 remotes, 2 game Cd's and 2 game controllers along with 12mm and 14mm sleeve posts. The jeep uses the stock 10mm posts. It comes with a Game Cd with 2300 games. I have not tried many of the games out more than a few minutes initially, but most seem ok.

Video Screen: The image quality is really good, even coming from the REQ DVD player on my jeep. Each headrest now has 3 inputs so you can link the two headrest together, input from a in-dash DVD player and hook up a third input like a xbox/wii or something. The 9" screen looks huge watching it from 2'-3' away.

Color Match: The Black version is a very close match to the dark gray slate in my jeep. In normal daylight it matches almost un-noticable. Only in really bright light can you see some of the slate (bluish) show since the seats are shiny and the headrest is a duller finish. Unless you spend 2-3 times this for custom, I think the color is close enough. If you send them a email, they will send you out a little 1"x1" sample of the colors. Just tell them what you want. Black, Gray and Beige.

The headrest does tilt, but not as far forward as the stock headrest, so you do have to lean back more. Honestly, I rarely lean my head back anyways, even on long trips. Coming from a 2000 Cherokee sport to a 2009 Cherokee, its about the same as my old seats.

The DVD player seems pretty stable. I bounced it around over some pretty rough railroad tracks and it has not skipped yet. It does have a nice resume function. It plays the movie from the last place you stopped it even when you pull the movie out and put it back in.

I hard wired into the 12v constant cigarette lighter wires through the center console which was a breeze. I just ran the power wire back to a switch so I can turn power on/off to the headrest when needed. this way I figure my son can watch a movie without needing the keys in the ignition. I cut a RCA wire and used a 2 pin plug to pull the video feed from the REQ radio pins 5/6 back to the inputs for headrests. If you want more info, ask and I'll let you know how that worked.

If your looking for a reasonable priced headrest system, so far, these seem to be great. I did opt for the 1 year warranty for $30 to make sure I make it through a hot summer and a cold winter just in case. :)

FYI....Of course they come out with a full touch screen version a month after I order mine for around $350........UGHHH :lol:

Comparison between DVD headrest and the stock headrest. They are about 3" wider.

I love the security look of the zipped up cover. It makes the headrest look stock so would-be thieves may not see them. The zipper is pretty small to make it look like a seam, so I would watch younger children opening/closing it. There is a cover-less version as well for $10 cheaper.

marcram 08-06-2011 02:11 PM

Re: Autotain 9" DVD headrest
Hey Chris,

Thanks for the detailed information. Because of your review, I'm going to put these in my 2008 WK with the same interior as yours.

I'm thinking of getting the coverless version of the one you got. You think touch screen would be a worthwhile upgrade?

I'd like to get some more detailed information on your install...

What switch did you mount into the back of the center console?
Where did you find installation document on how to access the dropped wires via the "j" adapter?
How easy is it to take power from the center console?

I really appreciate your response.


suzieque 08-06-2011 07:05 PM

Re: Autotain 9" DVD headrest
nice pics and review, thanks for posting!

ChrisL1976 08-07-2011 12:44 AM

Re: Autotain 9" DVD headrest

Originally Posted by marcram (Post 460951)

I'd like to get some more detailed information on your install...

What switch did you mount into the back of the center console?
Where did you find installation document on how to access the dropped wires via the "j" adapter?
How easy is it to take power from the center console?

I really appreciate your response.


Marc, I have been really happy with them so far. My son uses them 90% of the time he's in the jeep. Good for him since he's learning stuff, but hearing the same baby Einstein videos is getting old....LOL He's a little to young to keep headphones on.

I would have purchased the touchscreen version if they were available when I got mine. They basically eliminate the need for the remote to run stuff from the unit itself. Granted since I run my video from the dash, I dont need to change the monitors setting at all so I dont use it. When my kid gets older and starts watching movies separate from his soon to come sister, I will need the remote.

The coverless version should look really nice. Besides the added security of making them almost invisible, I just wanted the added protection from little feet and hands getting him in and out of the vehicle.

The switch in the back of the center console is just an on/off switch to cut power to the headrests. I just pulled off the center console cover around the gear and than the center console on the dash. In the 2009, there are no screws holding any of that contrary to what the Mopar disassemble instruction show. Than just used the crimp on splicers to the cigarette lighters wires. I just ran the wire down along side the gear shift box and to the back of the center console where I ran the to power wires for the headrest too. You can use either the switched or the constant 12v power. Since I used constant....I wanted to be able to turn it off with the switch. You can strip and solder the wires on like Mopar says too...:rolleyes: I also ran the RCA video feed cable down from the radio to the same area. I used a RCA "Y" splitter from radio shack to send that video signal to both head rests.

Here's the switch.

I'll have to look and find the post. I just googled for "getting video from a REQ radio" and found an post about it one of the jeep forums. I just used a Radio Control receiver battery plug form one of my RC boats. You can get them at any hobby shop.

EDIT: here's the post.

The Red plug in the picture.

marcram 08-10-2011 07:33 PM

Re: Autotain 9" DVD headrest
Ok, I thought that the 12V was already in the center console. I pried off the panel with the seat warmers and the 120V outlet. There is a bundle of wires back there that aren't used. Must be a feature that I don't have. Was hoping to get the +12 from there, but I can make a run from the cigarette lighter too.

How about separating the J connector to access the wires in the seat? Did you have to do anything besides opening that up. Was there another latch that had to be undone?

Thanks for your reply.

marcram 08-10-2011 08:53 PM

Re: Autotain 9" DVD headrest
Where did you get that switch? It looks like it goes well with the trim.

hrd2get 12-27-2013 05:23 PM

Re: Autotain 9" DVD headrest
Hi Chris,

I just got these same units and they look nice. I am having trouble finding the wires at the bottom of the seat. They go down the headrest just fine, but the bottom of the seat is enclosed. Can you explain or illustrate how you were able to gain access. If feels like there is some sort of clip there but I can not figure out how to release it.


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