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FlyinRyan 09-06-2009 05:16 PM

Let the reviews speak for themselves....
Need a little reassurance that you're getting your moneys worth from one of my throttle bodies? Have a look-see right here.....

Hannes, aka Dreamer1213, had this to say about his....
Quote: yesterday Ryan drove up from Daytona to Jacksonville, and he ported my throttle body on my back! I watched and we chatted, but it turned out really nicely.

The 4.7 throttle bodies have a 68mm inlet, but its necked to 65mm. What Ryan did was smooth out the step, and get rid of all the excess metal that was kinda "in the way"...the opening is enlarged to about 75mm...he also matched the back on the TB to the intake manifold, and gave the throttle blade a knife-edge.

It turned out really nicely. And I have to for sure as heck feel as if the Jeep has a bigger mouth now. When we first took it for a test drive on the interstate, we were going about 50mph on the on-ramp. Pedal to the floor and that H.O slammed it down harder than ever before. I was really surprised. It feels like it pulls harder, and its more responsive and peppy. Passing in overdrive is effortless. Overall I'm very satisfied. Now I just have to slow it down some to see what effect it has on the fuel mileage. Ryan says with his that he saw a 1mpg increase....and I'll take whatever it wants to give me. :)
Brian aka NJWJ has an '04 4.7 with one of the first Flyin' Ryan TBs. Here is his review.

IMO, it's a great mod, especially for the price. I didn't realize how much the 68mm was necked down until I saw the finished product (as well as the huge pile of aluminum shavings that resulted from it!) As you can see the opening is HUGE, and combined with my K&N intake, '08 manifold, cams and tuning that's going into my Jeep soon, this setup is going to flow very, very well in making some nice midrange torque and top end HP. With just the mods I have now I've noticed some better throttle response... the 4.7 seems to rev a little bit quicker as well as pull harder up top. I'm sure the gains will be even more pronounced with the new manifold, as I think an unported stock TB will probably be the biggest sort of restriction in that setup.

Not sure if this makes sense or not, but from my experience I feel like I have a tiny bit less torque in the 2-3k rpm range under medium throttle (this may be the result of my truck needing a tune at this point lol)... but I can definitely sense a GAIN under part and WOT. The 4.7 also seems to snarl a little more when you step on it, which I love, as I had to install a second muffler due do the insane drone my original Kolak exhaust caused on the highway and that quieted the Jeep down a ton... don't buy ANYTHING from Kolak btw... lol back on topic... one thing that I am certain of is that I'm getting better gas mileage now with my ported TB. I went from an overall average of 17.3mpg to 18.0-18.5 now. Definitely helpful when you have a 90 mile commute to work.
Don't just take MY word for it.....listen to the people who are running around with my stuff! It WORKS! :D

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