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hemi_shox 07-01-2011 08:57 PM

Making the sunroof
When I bought my 05 limited, I never noticed that my sunroof wasn't flush with the rest of the roof. It finally became apparent when water began flowing down the pillars on the inside of the car. I looked for days trying to find an answer but nothing. I saw the TSB and it said you have to find the fuse box and a bunch of other steps, I didn't feel like going through the back end to find the fuse. So I just punched buttons for a while. I finally got it to close flush, and has stayed that way since. (there isn't water anymore either)

1) Turn the key to ACC or ON
2) Hit the vent button
3) Once vented, push and hold the vent button
4) The sunroof should go up n down a few times and close
(after it did this, it was flush, I opened and closed a few times, to make shur it wouldn't go back to how it was)

JETLIFE 07-01-2011 11:29 PM

Re: Making the sunroof
Just did the same thing the other day. Worked perfect, I have taken my jeep to the dealer twice to have that fixed... Kinda pisses me off that they probably did the same thing and charged me for it. They told me they needed to get a sunroof technician in blah blah blah...

hemi_shox 07-01-2011 11:35 PM

Re: Making the sunroof
Yeah, I didn't wanna deal with the dealer so I just read stuff and when that didn't work, I pushed buttons til I got my result

willeverett4 07-02-2011 03:53 AM

Re: Making the sunroof
I have the same problem, first found out the hard way in the car wash, blah. My temp fix that I have been using for a few years goes like this. push the middle button so the rear of the sunroof pops up, tap the front arrow so that it starts to lower back down, then quickly tap the front arrow again to stop it in the correct postion. it takes a couple times of trying but thats what worked for me, worth a shot

dc300m01 07-02-2011 05:43 AM

Re: Making the sunroof
You can also hit the vent button (when closed). Then hit it again immediately. It should stop it at the right position.

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