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Johan 07-02-2011 07:08 AM

Trip report sort of!
Just want to report back on our recent trip to the Kruger National Park with the Jeep and the off road caravan(1600kgs) on tow.
We left Jo'burg on 10/05/2011 at 9.15 am and arrived at Park's gate at 3.30 pm. The Jeep handled the caravan as if it does not exist and if there were no uphill's on the entire N4! As stable as a rock at between 110 and 120kpu. The only thing that remind you that you were towing something heavy, is when you look at the fuel gauge. Turned out to consume 19.8 litre for every 100ks. Used the Tow/Hall switch all the way.
Apparently the Jeep does not take well to the slow driving in the park, as fuel consumption on our daily game drives result in a consumption of between 17.2 to to 17.8 lit/100ks. and even dropped to 18.9 on the Mananga Adventure Trail that we did.All of this without the caravan.
Also did the MIL surprised us with its appearance during one of our drives, with the resulting dampening of our enthusiasm.:mad:
I immediately phoned the dealer who told me not to worry as long as the Jeep behaves normally otherwise. He also mentioned that there are about 1600 sensors that can prompt the light to turn on. Also that there are no way on this model that you can retrieve(turning the key)the fault codes.Dealers only.(Is this true?) The light keep on and off intermitted for our entire stay until on the last day of our stay, it turned off, until now.
We soon realised that there are in fact uphill's on the N4 as on our way back, fuel consumption now dropped to 21.8lit/100ks.
On our way back a very strange thing happened. We were listening to the radio at normal volume when all of a sudden all hell broke loose, it literally sounds if a 747 Jumbo flew right through the Jeep. I realised that the Boston Acoustics sound system turned itself to FULL volume in mille seconds. How on earth could this happen. Wife were driving and I suspected her to accidentally touched the volume control on the steering,but she denied all of that .Luckily none of the speakers were damaged although it took us some time to get over the shock! :eek::eek:
At our first robot after turning off the N4 we noticed the Jeep to be sluggish at pull off. We realised the gearbox were stuck in indicated on the instrument cluster.
We tried moving the gearlever in the triptronic (_+) position with no response.
However we proceed home like that an after having to use low range to get up my driveway and switch on and off the Jeep everything returned to normal again. No warning lights. Any comment on this?
It is almost time for the 24000ks. service, so I will have to wait for the dealers comments, and report back.
I cannot say that I am somewhat disappointed in the vehicle, but thinking back on its safe an effortless handling and comfort, I cannot wait for my next trip.

Ps. The navigation system is useless!!

Kreso 07-02-2011 09:05 AM

Re: Trip report sort of!
Which year? Chech the battery. Our Jeeps require perfect battery.

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