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ChrisL1976 07-11-2011 08:28 AM

Sirius Radio Trail Cut off
Sirius radio is not winning any points with me. Apparently their computer systems does not know how to use a calendar. Last Thursday my 3 month free trial ended about 15 days short. So I shoot them an email asking why it was cut short. I get a response back saying it was not cut short. My trial began on 4/6/11 and ended on 7/6/11. This make perfect sense right?

Well see the issue this is......I did not purchase the Jeep until 4/16/11 and did not activate the Sirius radio trial until a week later. :lol: Where the hell they came up with 4/6/11, I have NO idea. I replied basically saying this was impossible since I did not own the Jeep in 4/6/11 and all get is a response back telling me I need to call and go through the setup process again.....The first call took 45 minutes....I seriously doubt there will be a second. I may just send them an email telling them they turned it off, they can turn it back on or they just lost a customer.

brunality 07-12-2011 09:55 AM

Re: Sirius Radio Trail Cut off
I've had the same issues with Sirius. I had bought my first add-on radio back in '05, bought a 3 year subscription for something like $200. 3 years later, when it expired, they automatically renewed me for another 3 years for around $350. No notice, no nothin'! So when I realized it, I called to cancel, they told me I can't because I'm almost a month into the 3 year period. BS. So instead of being able to cancel, I actually paid them $150 more for a lifetime subscription. SMH.
Quick math, $350/3yrs or $500 forever.... they almost got me good, but I've regretted it since with the crap signal they have...

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