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Scottina06 07-14-2011 10:54 PM

media center 730n RHR info here

    30GB hard drive jeep (approx. 4,250 song capacity)
    6.5" TFT Display garage org (400 x 240 pixels) with touchscreen LCD
    2D & 3D bird’s eye view of roads
    AAC compressed format added to WMA and MP3
    Adaptive voice learning
    Album art added to song information
    AUX input for any device with audiojeep garage org out capability
    Bluetooth™ advanced audio distribution
    Bluetooth™ streaming audio via A2DP (Report Control)
    Bluetooth Device HMI control (AVRCP1.4)
    Control devices via touch screen
    Conference call features & mute key added
    Dead reckoning
    Displays video output on radio headunit display
    Dual FM Tuner with RDS
    Enhanced graphics/speed
    Extended playlist manager (file editor)
    Flash drive playback via USB ports
    Gracenotes Music Management "Play" functions
    Harmon based navigation
    HDD backup files to USB flash drive (via engineering menu)
    Multi-Route Calculation
    ID3 TAG Editorjeep garage org for music list customization
    iPhone 4 compatibility (4.0/4.1)
    JPEG photo viewer
    HMI for media (time, seek, pause, play)
    Junction view added for highway exits
    Media search using alphabetical menu
    Menu - HMI for Media (time, seek, pause, play)
    Mute & un-mute button added to voice control
    "My Trips" customizable route plans
    Optimized AM tuner
    Point of Interest (POI) search improvements
    Rear park assist camera view
    Seamless voice tree
    SIRIUS Satellite Radio®
    SIRIUS Traffic
    SIRIUS Travel Link
    Split-screen capability
    Support up to 8 simultaneous devices (vs. 3 on the RER)
    Supports AAC, MP3, WMA from USB, CD, DVD, or HDD
    Synchronize up to 2 iPods & 2 MTP devices
    Two simultaneous video output sources
    World Tuner Support

    USB - 2.0 port interface
    USB - 2nd location added, supports headunit hub
    USB - Copy only
    USB - Device charge capability (1 amp max)
    USB - Digital interface for iPod/iPhone & MTP devices (Play for Sure)
    USB - Increased transfer rates (USB 2.0)
    USB - Supports 8 simultaneous audio output sources (vs. 3 on RER)

    Voice Command - Automatic Phonetic Transcription (G2P)
    Voice Command - Destination input
    Voice Command - Extended VR for most popular POI’s
    Voice Command - Gracenote music files
    Voice Command - Gracenote menu commands ("Play Beatles", "Play more like this")
    Voice Command - Hang up/dial/receive calls/ignore calls
    Voice Command - Improved POI search using fuzzy logic
    Voice Command - Manual dialing pad via touch screen
    Voice Command - Navigation
    Voice Command - Phone, radio & music

    Graphics: The RHR uses navigation software by Navteq. The graphics and some features are different.

    Dead Reckoning: When a vehicle doesn't have a clear view of the sky - such as in a tunnel or garage, or when surrounded by tall buildings - all navigation systems lose reception of GPS satellite signals. The 730N has a "dead reckoning" feature which enables it to estimate the current location until the sky is once again visible. jeep garage org (At start-up, it also remembers the vehicles last location, and immediately displays this estimated location until it can read signals for a precise fix). This is also known as "Enhanced GPS".

    Voice Command: With the 730N, drivers can program a desired destination using Uconnect Voice Command, while the vehicle is in motion. While the voice command is packaged with the 430N on most vehicles (and an option on the rest), it cannot be used to operate the navigation system - the vehicle must be parked so that drivers can enter a destination using the on-screen keyboard.

    Traffic: The 730N includes traffic information provided by SIRIUS; the first year's subscription is free.

    Split-screen mode: With the 730N you can view music and navigation screens at the same time.

SRTDogg 07-17-2011 03:27 PM

Re: media center 730n RHR info here
Yeah I did see this was wondering where you got it? I have already saved it to a txt file in my Jeep WK2 folder. :D

I also found these which are good to make bookmarks of:

Sadly, neither of ours are on here (RHB or the optional RHR) but you get a GOOD idea of the capabilities and options. Ours will have all of these plus more!

Also, embedded in this page is a phone compatibility matrix, another GREAT bookmark but from looking at it, it seems like it is not really complete so I think there is more support than they lead on to for many phones. I think a lot of it had to do with Android fragmentation and the like...

QuickOne 07-17-2011 03:37 PM

Re: media center 730n RHR info here
Any way you can highlight the differences between the 2010 version and this?
I only see a couple of features that differ from my current Nav system.

Scottina06 07-17-2011 03:38 PM

Re: media center 730n RHR info here
theres a comparison somewhere here in the wk2 forums

cneidle 09-09-2011 12:15 PM

Re: media center 730n RHR info here
I hope someone has the answer to this, it has been bugging me for almost a year now.

One of the features says: "Album art added to song information"

I have tried everything I can, using iPod, HDD, and USB. How can you see the Album Art? I can only assume at this point this is a typo.

Thanks!!! Any information would be greatly appreciated.

System Info:
Mediacenter 730N RER
App: 2.201
Gracenotes 2057

cyanideg 11-06-2011 10:45 AM

Re: media center 730n RHR info here
Thing I like most about the RHR as opposed to the crappy RHB is that the RHR will pickup where you left off on any iPod track instead of starting the song all over again after you restart the Jeep. I cant seem to figure out how to tell the voice commands to go to a specific artist or song though. It worked fine on my RHB but not right now. Ill try to use the voice learning feature to see if it changes anything... 03-04-2012 01:25 PM

Re: media center 730n RHR info here
I have been trying to figure out if the 730n RHR on the 2012 overland summit is a 7.1 capable system. Could anyone please shed some light on this question. Thanks.

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