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LorneInKelowna 07-21-2011 09:23 PM

RHR Screen Turns Purple
I recently had an issue with my RHR Radio/Nav system that resulted in the screen turning purple. All of the images were still distinguishable, but everything had a tinge of purple and all of the print and pics were pixelated... even the image on the back up camera!
The last thing i remember doing before this happened (almost like a switch was turned on) was syncing my cell phone to UConnect. I don't know if these were associated, but that was the last thing i remember doing. The vehicle was at about 2k miles (so not a lot of use) and the weather was HOT. I thought perhaps it was just over-heated, so waited it out a few days... to no avail. I also saw some RHR write-ups that advised a reset could be done by going to the engineering screen (pressing both seek buttons and the menu button (all "hard" buttons)). I did the reset, but no change. Also, read about clearing the system by holding the Open/Close hard button for 20 seconds... this only is useful if you have disconnected the battery and removed the fuse ("IOD"?)... i did not want to do that, so then proceeded to dealer. They did not have any idea how to troubleshoot the RHR, so luckily enough, they ordered a new one in for me and all is good ... hopefully for more than 2k miles this time!
Now that this is over, but potential to happen again i guess, I would be interested in others experiences specifically with the RHR and if there was an actual fix for this issue.

Andrew Klossner 07-22-2011 10:40 AM

Re: RHR Screen Turns Purple
It's broken. The driver for the green LEDs in the screen has failed or become detached, so only the red and blue LEDs light up.

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