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a65thor 08-03-2011 06:00 AM

Cruise Control issue
The cruise control on my 08 GC Limited sometimes doesn't work--the "cruise" light doesn't go on & it doesn't engage. After an engine on-off cycle or two, it works again, & will work until I shut the car off again. Then, it may or may not work the next time I start it up. Is there a way to re-program it?

SvenskaJeepGuy 08-03-2011 11:17 AM

Re: Cruise Control issue
does your air work fine? i had a similar problem in my WJ and it was a leak in the vacuum line.

a65thor 08-03-2011 09:19 PM

Re: Cruise Control issue
Air seems to work fine, as does everything else. I was thinking it might be one of those things that needs to be reprogrammed occasionally, like the automatic up on my drivers window.

Galaxie500 08-03-2011 10:41 PM

Re: Cruise Control issue
Mine will only work if I'm above a certain speed but that's how they designed it.

Mr Chill 08-16-2011 11:54 PM

Re: Cruise Control issue
I am having a similar issue. You can activate the system but once you go to set it, the dash light goes out and you cant get it to come back on til you restart the vehicle. It seems like it's looking for some kind of input from a sensor that it isnt seeing, so it just shuts off.

I have yet to find anyone's resolution posted online. My internet searches suggest various things from brake light switches (mounted at the pedal), to cruise control servo motors and their vaccuum lines, to pcm replacements.

My 2 cents is it is probably something mechanical as virtually anything with a plug-in on these newer vehicles is tied to the computer and you would get a failure code..

Anybody else have input?

misfit77 08-17-2011 02:35 AM

Re: Cruise Control issue
mine stopped working after I broke a few connections on a main harness under the hood.

Bikemobile 08-17-2011 04:12 AM

Re: Cruise Control issue
My cruise switch stalk stopped working similar to the OP's problem. Dealer replaced under my 3/36 warranty.

AlsJeep1 08-17-2012 08:12 PM

Re: Cruise Control issue
Mr. Chill, Did you ever find a fix?

jerkylips 08-17-2012 09:09 PM

I have a 2011 Liberty, exact same problem. Have had it to the dealer multiple times wit no resolution. Question about the AC has me curious, as mine seems to blow cool but not cold. Could these things be related?

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