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Smooth1 08-07-2011 08:26 PM

First trip coming up.
Well, it looks like we are going on our first trip with the new Jeep.This year we decided to make this a big family trip and do some white water rafting along the way. My brother, his wife, and thier 3 kids, 5,15,16. My other brother, his wife, and 2 kids, 14,16. My cousin, his wife and 2 kids, 12 and 15, My other cousin and his wife, me and my wife. We have a cabin near the Blue Ridge Parkway and traded for this huge 8 room cabin, (some of the kids want to sleep outside in tents too), fireplaces inside and outside, pool table, big screen tv's, all the way on top of the mountian and far far away.
So, my younger brother owns an Infinity G370, 2 Mustangs, a GMC 2500, and a Hyundai minivan thing. I guess that's what he said he's driving. My other brother has a BMW M3, 39' Tbucket hot rod, a Ford Crown Vic Interceptor that looks too much like a patrol car. He thinks it's funny everyone does the speed limit when he drives that car. He also owns a Hummer H2. He never drives it though. It just sits there. He put a cover on it about 6 months ago. And his wife drives an Audi Q7. I don't think she's open to taking the Q on a family camping and river rafting trip. LOL!! So I think their gonna take the business's Toyota Sequoia. And my wife and I are in the WK2. We're going for 14 days, with 3 days river rafting in the Smokey's, then 10 days at the cabin in the Blue Ridge. We plan on meeting up at my house and leaving out around Midnight, so we can arrive at the first cabins by noonish that day. We can spend it doing whatever, have a nice dinner and crash. Then it's river rafting all day, back to the cabins, dinner, party, crash. Next drive up to the main cabin, get there and go fishing, hiking, horse back riding. I'm also bringing my Nitro RC buggy that I just finished dropping a new motor in. AWD with a .30 motor in an 1/8th scale is just hilarious to watch! It's just way too fast!

bosca418 08-07-2011 08:58 PM

Re: First trip coming up.
Well what do your cousins drive? C'mon!

Smooth1 08-08-2011 10:07 AM

Re: First trip coming up.
LOL!! My cousin Donny drives a BMW 535, a Dodge Ram 1500, and his wife drives a Honda Odessey. We just talked last night and that's what they are driving. My other cousin and his wife are taking a Lexus RX 350.
We are the only ones with AWD. Although I don't think it will come into play for this trip. We are going to a different cabin. One of the cabins we like to go to the most has a 5 mile unpaved "4x4 only" posted access road, and then it's another mile or so for the driveway. Can't take the family there though. That's my wife and I's private getaway only.

netcoolery 08-09-2011 12:19 AM

Re: First trip coming up.
Smooth1 - You are a smart man. There's time for a big fun family vacation and then other times it's better 1:1 with the other half. Keep that place special - enjoy each vacation for what it is. And enjoy that new jeep!

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