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the1jake 08-12-2011 09:04 AM

Received first SERV 4WD message.... of course on the beach!
Had my first issue with the SERV 4WD message last night coming up the beach. I was just coming back after meeting up with OBXJeep (good meeting you!).

Here goes:
About a mile in up the beach, the sand is very, very soft. High tide, so not as many options choosing a good set of tracks to use. The middle of the beach is very soft and something I avoid, if possible.

Everything was going fine until I had to change grooves to avoid an oncoming convoy of rental Jeeps coming back down the beach. I bounced over a few grooves (towards the dune line... which is the furthest part of the beach away from the ocean surf where the dunes start). I normally would have went to the right, but the sand was even softer and the tide was in. As I go over there I could literally feel a difference in the transmission and handling. It was then I noticed the SERV 4WD light come on. Nothing like this to get the heart pounding a bit quicker, especially since I had seven more miles to go up the beach.

I stopped when oncoming traffic was coming, put on the hazards and looked as apologetic as I could since I couldn't get out of there way. I aired down the tires even more, shut off the vehicle in the hopes of resetting the message. No such luck. Did have an older Wrangler stop and ask if we needed help. The guy did rib me a bit about his vehicle not having a "fancy computer system" to control his 4X system. (yes, I know)

Managed to slowly rock it out of the sand and away I went. Had to stop a few more times (since those coming down the beach were all the way on "their" right and were more than a bit pissy that I wasn't moving out of the way). I was worried that I was going to get stuck in the soft sand, but managed to start slowly and get up to speed. All this while still stuck in 2WD. I did get behind a convoy of vehicles a few grooves over (in softer sand but a decent groove nonetheless). We were going about 8-10mph which made me a bit anxious but no problems.

After following the convoy a few more miles, the SERV 4WD message just stopped as quickly as it started. It was back in Sand/Mud mode and in had 4WD back and everything seemed to be working fine. Still up here and haven't ventured back down the beach yet. I'll keep the forum posted to share my experience. I'm also aware of the July TSB for this very problem. Just going to take it slow and steady down the beach and see if I have any more issues until I make it to the dealer.

At the very least, it handled OK in 2WD in some sand that I fully expected not to make it out of. If I had to estimate, I'd say it took about 20 minutes SERV 4WD message to go away after it initially appeared. (this is when moving at approx. 8-15mph, not stopped) Not sure what I did right for the drive cycle to complete and the system to reset itself, but that appears (on the surface anyway) to have happened.

fireron 08-12-2011 09:23 AM

Re: Received first SERV 4WD message.... of course on the beach!
I just had mine in yesterday for (2) warnings to "Service 4WD" came on while 4 wheeling in Colorado. I also experienced my first warnings of overheating from the QL. Dealer said no codes came up for the service problem but there was a code for the overheating issue.

They could re-create the overheating but not the service light. As you would expect, they said they had to cycle it several times to get the overheating to occur, while I could do it on one cycle only before but not after the dealer visit. I will monitor this issue and hope it is not something that occurs easily or often.

the1jake 08-12-2011 10:54 AM

Re: Received first SERV 4WD message.... of course on the beach!
Here's the TSB for the SERV 4WD issue. (dated July 1) No mention of an overheating issue in it.

I'll be getting this performed when I get home. Initially, I thought it might have been an overheating issues also from QL too since the suspension was getting quite the workout bouncing over the sand tracks. (when I received the "service air suspension" message) Knew it was a bit more serious when I received both the SERV 4WD and "service air suspension" at the same time. :eek:

Took it for a good ride today on the beach. No issues whatsoever. I don't believe I'll encounter anymore as long as I keep it steady and don't bounce it around too much. (especially in OR1 or OR2 heights)

fireron 08-12-2011 11:13 AM

Re: Received first SERV 4WD message.... of course on the beach!
Thanks, I missed it because the service writer said there was no trouble code found but I see where it says the tech "may" see the code. If it happens again I'll take the TSB with me to the dealership. My service writer is cool about such things. Losing the 4-wheel drive capability at the wrong time might be very interesting to say the least!

Cherodude 08-12-2011 09:01 PM

Re: Received first SERV 4WD message.... of course on the beach!
Reading TSB 21-008-11, it seems to be only for vehicles with Quadra-Trac II and the rear ELS differential (which means Quadra-Drive II, does it not?). So the vehicle must have the Hemi V8.

Is the TSB intro poorly written and actually it is applicable also to the V6 with 'only' QT II? Can anyone shed light on this?

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