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grantschimpf 08-12-2011 02:41 PM

New 03 wj limited
Hey there all, so i have always bein a chevy guy threw and threw and have just recently came over to the darkside haha, i bought a 03 wj grand cherokee, it is the limited and has absoutly everything but the 4.7 ho, it just has the 4.7, but already i find it very nice and snappy, it also has the select trac option which i love.

I do have a few questions that i just cant find defent answers on
1. im wanting to put jeep srt8 rims on it, i love lifted vehicles but the ol lady wont let me lift it haha, not even a lil haha, she loves the ride of it already but we both want somethin a lil diffrent then every jeep so wanna put a nice set of 20' on her, the truck will be only for steet and very rarely takin onto a gravel road let alone off roaded (i have another trail rig for that haha), what size tire can i go with with 20" srt 8 rims, the biggest i can get under there, i dont mind doing some trimming if i have to. I just like the look of a nice beefy tire on her, wont be offroading with her tho

2. I want to put an exhaust on it, again it is not the 4.7 ho, do i stick with the stock exhaust and change a high flow cat and a free flowing muffler, or do i do a cat back exhaust with a high flow cat, and what are the diffrences, or do i go all 3"

3. best chip? i think i already know is superchips, but i was wondering (again i have bein a chevy nut )if there was a custom software system such as hptuner, that your able to get for jeeps, looking to get some good mpg as well as some good hp

4. what are people getting for a tank of gas, right now im getting about 280 miles to a tank, is this not bad or are people getting better?

5. is it worth it going either a custom intake or a fipk system, i have heard reliablity its a million times better just to keep the stock paper filter and box, if i were to keep the stock box or system, anyone have any advice to make it better, ie swiss cheese the lower portion, or take the intake tubes off and run a pipe from the tb to the box and install a new pipe right threw and keep the stock air box

6. other then a cam, tb and supercharger any other performance upgrades you can think of, like i say im looking for this to be more of a performance luxury suv then an off road rig

TJXJWJ 08-12-2011 05:55 PM

Re: New 03 wj limited
Well, you're going to have a real hard time finding a beefy looking tire that's going to go on a 20" rim AND fit without a lift. My specs are below in my signature. If you go any bigger than what I have, you'll start rubbing. At full turn there is hardly any space up front.
My K&N FIPK really woke up my Jeep. I added a pre-filter just to be safe...and to reduce the amount of times I'd have to service the filter. To me, that was a very worthwhile investment. After doing that, my exhaust seemed to sound a little meaner, so do your intake first...then see if you want to go with an exhaust after that. I like the sound of mine currently when I get on it. It's just a little too quiet at idle and low throttle.

You can convert your 4.7 to an HO...but you're looking at some serious coin. If you want the most out of your GC though, that's what I'd start saving for. There are some threads on here about exactly how to go about it.

Hope this helps! Fire away if you have any questions. I'm in the middle of trying to decide on replacing the muffler with a large Magnaflow, or maybe having the throttle body ported for a little extra umpf...

cheapjeep 08-13-2011 09:34 AM

Re: New 03 wj limited
Cooper Zeon LTZ's look good on 20's

Martyp 08-13-2011 09:46 AM

Re: New 03 wj limited
Welcome to JG! :thumbsup:

I have 275/45/20 on my SRTs and have a rubbing issue up front near full lock, goes away at full lock. You can see where the tire is rubbing on the fender liner and bumper tho. 255 is probably as far as you wanna go, I'm scared of major rubbing when its lowered.

Mods; depending on future plans go for SCT tuning from AirRam if you wanna do cams etc, or Superchips is good for a stock motor with bolt ons (CAI, exhaust work, bored TB etc.)...

I personally just have bolt-ons ATM. K&N FIPK (which sounds great BTW), 3" s/s hi-flow CAT and system, Superchips tuner, F&B throttle body coming soon. My plans involve cams, heads etc, so will need to get a SCT tuner and tune so with regards to tuners I think SCT is the way for you.

280 from a tank sounds about right. I get 220-40 due to short distances to work.

Unfortunately there is no bolt-on supercharger available for the 4.7s anymore (Kenne Bell and Paxton used to make kits but are super hard to find for sale) and getting a custom setup will cost big bucks. I'd keep it N/A and do as much as you can which will also keep it as reliable as poss.

Speak to AirRam (vendor on here) if you want some great advice on going fast. :)

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