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AussieWK2 08-12-2011 09:23 PM

Jeep Australia Servicing Deals
Is anyone aware of Jeep's servicing costs for the WK2?

Toyota offer a something like $250.00 per scheduled service upto 60000km for anything from Landcruiser down.

Just wondering if Jeep Australia are offering a similar deal.

ENFORCER 08-13-2011 08:38 AM

Re: Jeep Australia Servicing Deals
I only use my dealer for warranty, as I would not pay their prices for oil changes.
I do not know what the costs are, but I can bet they will be substantial.

Swampy 08-13-2011 11:54 AM

Re: Jeep Australia Servicing Deals
I had my local Jeep dealer quote me the current costs for all CRD servicing up to 140,000 kms, but unfortunately only have them on my PC desktop at work so will advise on Monday.

Not that I will be able to hold them to the pricing however I have treated it as a guide.

Previously with my Fords, I have completed all servicing self perform and dealer only for warranty, similar to Enforcer. That was mainly because, 1) I still enjoy working on cars even though now I sit in an office all day and 2) not trusting Ford Dealer service (ie they will put any grade of oil into your car as per that recommended by the service handbook, as long as it is the same vicousity as the drum they have out the back. One drum fits all.)

ENFORCER 08-14-2011 02:47 AM

Re: Jeep Australia Servicing Deals
Just remember for our CRD's they need a special oil that is designed for a DFP system. Make sure you get the right one or you could damage the DFP system.

Swampy 08-14-2011 06:51 PM

Re: Jeep Australia Servicing Deals
Serving costs up to 150k below for the GC CRD as advised by a Jeep dealer in Perth. Note that these were the service costs for the previous model GC CRD however they expect the costs to be similar for the current GC CRD.

Pricing In AUD

10k $484.83

20k $520.53

30k $484.33

40k $859.91

50k $1059.92

60k $520.53

70k $484.53

80k $672.43

90k $484.53

100k $977.92

110k $484.53

120k $520.53

130k $484.53

140k $859.91

150k $1059.92

Remember that the above figures should only be used as a guide.

I would still prefer to self perform the servicing however there is always an issue in how can I be sure of getting all current TSB's?

I assume that Jeep are like Ford in that TSBs are only applied if the customer complains about something so therefore it would be in response to a warranty issue anyway.

I suppose that TSB's can also be tracked through and then go and see the dealer should one be required (or desired).

Good tip on the oil spec for the DPF system from Enforcer. I always ensure that the oil I buy meets or exceeds the manufactures spec, or if unsure, buy the specified oil / part number from the Dealer. I wonder if Mopar oil is available to buy from the dealers?

AussieWK2 08-15-2011 04:42 AM

Re: Jeep Australia Servicing Deals
Thanks for that Swampy

The minor services are a bit heavy handed, I appreciate though I've changed over from a petrol Prado.

It's a little strange, we run a small fleet of logistics trucks and I don't think twice of the maintenance costs because their part of our lifeline.

Deserthucker 08-15-2011 07:20 AM

Re: Jeep Australia Servicing Deals
When I enquired at Wanneroo jeep they said they used Penrite for all their vehicles.

PS they use 5w-30 for the HEMI.
I will use my own Fuchs 5w-20 full syn

Deserthucker 08-15-2011 07:29 AM

Re: Jeep Australia Servicing Deals
Swampy which dealer did you get the prices from?

I found DVG group Maddington, melville, midland more expensive then the others.
and their parts a ripoff

ENFORCER 08-15-2011 07:33 AM

Re: Jeep Australia Servicing Deals
I agree that these service costs are very excessive for what is just a check and oil change. There is not much to do on these cars when you look at the service book. I bet out of the $484 for the 10k service, would be $400 in oil and the rest in labour. I will be asking what the 10k services will cost at my dealer, as I will always change my own oil, I just want a dealer stamp for the service book. What I do always do is buy my oil filters from the dealer. I get to know the spare parts guys and mechanics so they look after me. They also know then that I have bought filters that they recommend and cannot use some filter excuse if I have a motor problem.
I was a mechanic 20 years ago, but these new modern diesels are just way to complicated for me to risk stuffing around with.

Swampy 08-15-2011 09:03 AM

Re: Jeep Australia Servicing Deals
I also agree that the service pricing seems excessive, however I think they are a guide for what most punters will pay walking in off the street.

I will likely continue to self perform my servicing even on the new Jeep when it arrives and keep an eye out for TSB's from WK2jeeps that will effect my vehicle. (Not sure if their TSB's cover CRD's though).

Enforcer is right that only OEM filters should be used and be certain that the oil meets that specified for the vehicle. (If unsure then buy the manfucatures oil using their part No.)

I have always filled out and signed off the service book myself and make particular attention to using only OEM parts for everything, ensure all items are torqued to specification and have listed all OEM part numbers in the service log and have kept receipts.

From Ford I have never had a problem with a warranty claim following this practice. Hopefully Jeep will be the same.

AussieWK2 08-17-2011 01:35 AM

Re: Jeep Australia Servicing Deals
The last car I messed around with was in the 1980's.

As a young fella my then boss sold me his 1974 HJ Statesman Caprice for $1000. I was stoked and was the envy of all my mates. I had it for a year or so before someone encouraged me wire in a kill switch - bad move!

I followed the simple wiring instructions I was given under the dash with the exception of earthing the wrong wire. A vague scent of burning wire ensued followed by very distinct smoke billowing out from under the dash. Needless to say many wires were fused together so when I turned the indicators on, the wipers would go or the the horn etc. That was my last foray in playing with things that best be done by others.

I learned very early to stick to what I know, freight and logistics is my game, these 21st century machines are just too complicated.

Someone else can have mechanical maintenance though in saying that +$400 for an oil change is excessive so I'll be shopping around.

ENFORCER 08-17-2011 01:53 AM

Re: Jeep Australia Servicing Deals
Swampy, I have checked the requirements out for servicing cars and you need to be a licensed mechanic and also a registered workshop with the MTA. I am a licensed mechanic, however I cannot sign and stamp the book as I do not have a MTA workshop.
If Jeep (or Ford) wanted to they could void your warranty based on the fact a licensed workshop was not carrying out the servicing. This si why I did the oil changes and got the dealer to do the "service" and warranty work and also stamped the book.

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