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Darren Weston 08-13-2011 07:00 AM

Gearbox and othe rproblems
Hi Every one
This is my first post hope you can help. My jeep is causing me sleepless nights.

(Fault History) I am from the UK and have a 2006 Cherokee 5.7 Hemi overland with 57000 miles I have had the car from new it has never been used off road or in any accident. 6 months ago I started having problems where I would select any gear but have no drive, it was like the car was still in park or neutral. The main dealer changed the gear box oil and everything seemed fine. After around 1500 miles the problem returned, so it was back to the dealer same thing changed the gear box oil and sent me on my way. Short time after it was back this time you could smell the burning oil and clutch. This time the main dealer said the box was so badly damaged it needed replacing. By this time my faith in the dealer was nil the cost they wanted to replace the box was in the regain of 4500.00 plus labour and they were not prepared to take into account the 1000.00 they had had off me for replacing the gear box oil twice.

(Moving on 1) I then located an independent auto gearbox firm who charged 2500.00 for a new replacement box. All was fine for a few weeks the car drove like new again, I then started getting surges when the car changed gear sometimes these were very harsh. Back to the independent who had re looked at it and reset the gearbox he advised me that he had fault showing that the brake light switch was faulty and fault code P1697 mileage incorrect. Although the car was driving ok And I needed to have these looked at.

(Moving on 2) I then start getting the parking sensors showing faulty and sometimes bleeping for no reason, the car now has started to stick in 3rd gear when its driven and sometimes shows something like gearbox over temperature.

(Moving on 3)
I have now replaced the brake light switch cleared the faults using ODB 11 Tools it still shows P1697 this will not clear, parking sensors sill show faulty (not sure if this is connected) still sticks in 3rd gear.

I need to understand it all this is related in any way, could the new faults be down to the new gearbox or am I just unlucky and have new unrelated faults.

What do I do next without spending lots more cash.

Please help, If I thought the car would make it to a cliff, I would drive it off.


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