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drummer 08-16-2011 07:39 PM

'94 alarm/battery problems
'94 GC Laredo, 5.2 on which I have a dealer-installed aftermarket alarm which was installed about a decade ago. When the shock sensor became too sensitive, I asked my local mechanic to disable ONLY that sensor, and he did, leaving the door and hood sensors.

Problem now is that if I don't drive the car for a few days, something (and I'm guessing the alarm) is draining the battery. When I disarm the car, the alarm beeps about an octave lower than its normal tone, and the car will barely crank . . . or not crank at all, in which case I use my jumper battery. When it starts, the check engine light comes on - -but if I drive for ten minutes, turn it off, and restart, everything is perfect: alarm "beeps" at the right pitch, car stops with no problem, and the check engine light is off.

The mechanic checked the battery, and it's in good shape!

Would welcome any ideas . . .

apstang50 09-11-2011 11:01 AM

Re: '94 alarm/battery problems
First make sure the battery terminals are clean and tight, jeeps are VERY temper mental when it comes to the battery connections. Next I'd disconnect the alarm altogether to see if it is the cause for the battery drain. If you still have the drain with the alarm out of the equation then you know it's something else. You could then start pulling fuses one by one to see which circuit is causing the drain.

2005JGC 09-14-2011 03:24 AM

Re: '94 alarm/battery problems
Your going to need to do an IOD test (ignition off draw). this will require an ammeter, some know how, and some patience... there is likely something that is not shutting off that your just going to have to narrow down.

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