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mayor bloom 08-22-2011 04:59 AM

Need Prices Help, for car insurance
So, I am in the process of getting my mods done. In fact I should be at 90% completion this week. Just some lighting to go.

While at the body shop, my guy says to me that I should really contact my insurance and tell them the mods I have done, because they use the vin to estimate repairs unless a stipulation has been made. So I called my insurance guy and he tells me the shop guy is correct, but not to worry I already am covered for any modifcations upto $1000. I started to laugh, then started to tell him my mods.

He then tells me to get a list w/reciepts to price out insurance for my jeep. I tell him I don't have reciepts for everything, he tell nme to do my best and take pics of everything.

So to save people time I will not list my mods, but holy **** my retail replacement total is at $14,452.49.

This is where I need help, for those of you that have the WH Tails, I need a replacement cost. I bought mine off someone on jeep forum and only paid $200 plus shipping. I also need replacement cost on a WH Rear Bumper, The one I bought from fabian has cost me a shit load ($800 for paint and repair) plus I bought it for $550 shipped. He was cool and refunded me $250, but I have not had any response and greyhound is not paying the damage claim, So far. So I have $1100 in this bumper.

Ben (marlin) I hope you could get me some prices of give me an aussie web site for replacement parts.

I throw a pic in just so people have something to look at, browns training camp. I coached 2 kids on the team, 1 in high school the other in grade s

Marlin 08-22-2011 06:15 PM

Re: Need Prices Help, for car insurance
I am happy to help mate but Australian prices (and shipping!) are MUCh higher than UK pricing from what I gather.
I last priced the WH rear bar a few years ago, no lights/brackets/clips, and it was about USD$1,100 plus shipping which will be close to USD$1,000 as the item "cubes" up so large.

So, you need to do some homework re UK price and shipping or if someone like Just for Jeeps can obtain these bits (call Peter!). I have a feeling you'll be pushing shit up hill trying to get an insurance company to pay over well $2k plus whatever import taxes, PLUS fitting and painting, just for a rear bumper skin. :(

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