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mjl2610 09-17-2009 10:08 PM

"U series" check engine codes
Hey all, its been a while. Work is long and busy and i never make it online much if at all and do normal things now a day. But in anycase, it is what it is.

While leaving work today i turn on the Jeep and head out of the parking lot. I coast to a stop, while coasting the car dings at me and then the gauges start goin all crazy and moving all over the place. The dashboard is also light up like a freakin christmas tree. So i turn off and turn it back on and the check engine light stays on. Jeep runs fine for the next three starts. Then decide what the hell and drop it off at the dealer. My sevice advisor looked at three or 4 different codes that popped on the dash but i didnt get them right away. All i could see is they all started with a U. When i checked the DTC sticky, all it says is class 2 network crap. What the heck does that even mean. I guess ill find out sometime tomorrow but i just wanted to make a post although i wont see it til tomorow evening.

Thanks yall. :thumbsup:

mjl2610 09-18-2009 05:14 PM

Re: "U series" check engine codes
It registered as all loss of serial communications for class 2 devices. Three codes total. They in the end, said that it was the transfer case control module. Total was 369.69 but no charge under the maxcare :thumbsup:

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