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Blueflame1979 08-26-2011 08:44 AM

This has me going Crazy!!
Ok here it goes, I took my Jeep to a local mechanic the other day because It was leaking transmission Fluid. He checked it out and said I had to replace transmission gaskets, so Im like fine and left it in the shop.

When it was ready I picked it up and drove off. Something told me to check the transmission fluid level. So I did and it was low. I went right back and he told me since ge drained and refilled the transmission fluid that the transmission sucked up the new fluid since I drove it and he just had to top it off to replenish it to the right level.

He bought a quart out and that's when my heart dropped. The quart said spectrol multipurpose transmission fluid. I asked him if that's what he had filled it up with and he said yes. I asked him why he had not put ATF4 and he looked at me like I was talking Chinese. Having the grand Cherokee service manual It says not to add any other transmission fluid other than Mopar ATF4 and Research on the Net gave some similar ones Being Castrol and Valvoline ATF4 and if it were anything less than this it could damage the transmission.*

*As you all know dealer prices are insane and *Im pretty iffy about taking my 05 Jeep Grand Lauredo to just any mechanic. I thought this was something simple and this guy always has alot of cars in his garage especially suvs and trucks. Knowing that all trucks are not made the same this has me worried.

After he added the quart I then told him to check the Fluid and I saw that it was higher but still low. He wanted to argue with me that the fluid level was fine since it was over the place where it says hot on the dipstick but just below the bottom hole of the of the higher set of holes and not un between them. Correct me if Im wrong but isn't the right level just between the the holes where the hot position is at, meaning between the two highest holes and if it's anything lower than that I should add fluid?

I'm worried here I just paid for this work with the little money I had to stop a simple transmission leak. Am I safe leaving this spectrol transmission fluid in until I can get it changed for an ATF4 fluid? It's going to be about two months because Im financially tight right now.. If I am safe would I need to add more fluid to reach at least in between the upper 2 holes on the dipstick when hot?

This fluid doesn't even say If it's synthetic. I drive about 5 miles a day if not I would have to park for about 2 months before I can have that fluid changed. I don't want to damage my transmission Thanx for the help guys.

Chaoul1 08-26-2011 08:49 AM

Re: This has me going Crazy!!
Take it back, and tell him to change it for ATF-4. I wouldn't put up with it period.

Mr Chill 08-26-2011 09:11 AM

Re: This has me going Crazy!!
Yes, throw a fit and threaten legal action until this clown does the job right. Businesses should not be allowed to offer services if they are not willing and able to do them properly, and to the customer's satisfaction. This is mainly why the BBB was formed. I doubt he is accredited, but you can get in touch with your local chamber of commerce or whatever entity issues businesses licenses. You should not have to worry about ruining a $2000+ transmission because your mechanic can't read a service manual and likes to save a dollar using incorrect fluid. 2 cents

01grand 08-26-2011 09:15 AM

Re: This has me going Crazy!!
Take it back and tell him it will cost HIM less than $100 to drain the tranny and refill it with a fluid that meets the ATF+4 spec (valvoline fluids have always been my preference), or it will cost HIM over $1000 when you bring it back to have the tranny rebuilt because the clutches fried due to the wrong fluid. All ATF+4 is a full synthetic fluid. Good Luck!

jlewissystem 08-26-2011 09:19 AM

Re: This has me going Crazy!!
Yeah-take it back. I mean: there's vehicle spec, then there isnt! :confused:

Escape 08-26-2011 10:53 AM

Re: This has me going Crazy!!
Take it somewhere else and have them drain it. Valvoline ATF+4 is what I use.

Blueflame1979 08-26-2011 12:27 PM

Re: This has me going Crazy!!
Thanx guys, I know alot of you were saying take it back but I wasn't going to bring it back so this guy can do whatever he wanted I wud have had to babysit him and I think I would have ripped a bumper from another car and ended uphittin him with it. That's how pissed he had me, but I went to another mechanic and I got it taken care of also he was attentive to what I wanted. I brought my own oil valvoline ATF 4 and he drained it and filled it for a good price and I also watched him do the Job so I know it was legit.

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