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hyde 09-01-2011 12:41 PM

Is there a comparison repoort that includes Grand Cherokee?
Possibly something like this:

I would love to see WK2 compared against ML and few others.
I could only find this one:
But this is old and it is SRT/M comparison, not something I can afford. Unless new SRT gets a bit cheaper. :lol:

bromhead 09-01-2011 04:17 PM

Re: Is there a comparison repoort that includes Grand Cherokee?
vs lr4

vs 4runner

hyde 09-02-2011 02:46 AM

Re: Is there a comparison repoort that includes Grand Cherokee?
Thanks. Using yours as a guide I found a few more:

This one is especially good:

But the one I am looking for is WK2 vs X5 vs ML
There is this, but doesnt offer much:

bromhead 09-06-2011 12:23 PM

Re: Is there a comparison repoort that includes Grand Cherokee?
are they really in the same class? assuming you are looking at a 4x4. The x5 and ml, do not have 2gear transfer cases, they are much more close to the cross over sport utility, while the jeep has true off road capability...especially with qdII. And there are very few cars that have that now, and if you want a bit of luxury, its probably only the lr4 and wk2. The 4 runner and fj are pretty basic, same for the wrangler.

I would think that if you were in the market for an x5, which i do like btw, you wouldn't be comparing it to the wk2...

hyde 09-07-2011 09:29 PM

Re: Is there a comparison repoort that includes Grand Cherokee?
I agree, but having driven jeep since 2003, I simply add WK2 into the consideration bag along with the others that are ML350 and X5. I thought about 4Runner and Pathfinder, possibly the new Explorer, but if I am really going to change to another vehicle, I would prefer that it is a luxurious one with a nice name tag. I really like X5 but the shape I like it in comes with a hefty price tag. Just the appearance package that makes it worth looking at (plain base looks really plain and weak) costs $6000. Add a few chrome, you need to spend over $55k for it. Base at $47.
Fully loaded maxed out Summit costs $47k. So either a base X5 or full Summit. If I were to get a WK2, it wouldn't necessarily need Summit. Overland with a few add-ons at $44k would be enough. Especially I would like to avoid the air suspension. Not only it is brand new, also something I don't need.

X5 does not have low range. I assume it is the same X-Drive they put on sedans. A lot people like it, but having low range on a jeep was awesome. Just knowing it was there was a confidence booster. Those same people argue that you really don't need low range since nobody would wheel the X5, but then why did ML-350 add it? When you get 4-Matic you automatically get a low range. I don't know how low it is as far as added torque and gear ratio, but at least it is there.

So, yeah, I am in the market for a new SUV, and I am in fact comparing X5 to WK2.
I just drove a WK2 last weekend for a few miles, I didn't feel like at home, but then again with all new vehicle that's the feeling you will get unless you get to keep it for a few days. The steering was not really as responsive as my KJ (or '09 WK) and it felt out of touch with the pavement. Again, this is all in comparison to my KJ, which has excellent steering and very responsive throttle, even after 80k miles. If I can rent a WK2 to drive for a few days, I would love to do that. How much can you tell from a short test drive, anyway.

bromhead 09-08-2011 09:31 AM

Re: Is there a comparison repoort that includes Grand Cherokee?
good points.
For me, the sticking point was true off road capability, with a bit of luxury. That thinned the herd considerably. At my price range, it left the lr4 and wk2. I choose the wk2 because of the price tag, if they were within 5k, i would have gone with the lr4.

If i was willing to compromise on the off road ability, and you wanted to be coddled, i think there are many more options out there. I didn't investigate them that much, but the obvious choices would be the x5, ML, mdx, q7,toureg, cayenne, etc....the market has definitely moved to emphasizing fairly capable sporty suv crossovers....

hyde 09-08-2011 09:24 PM

Re: Is there a comparison repoort that includes Grand Cherokee?
mdx is not my cup of tea, and with q7,toureg, cayenne trio being the practically same thing with different packages (and a super expensive price tag for cayenne's turbo or S models) I am really left with X5 and ML.
I really wish I had more room, so I could consider full size larger SUVs like expedition or tahoe or even escalade (if I had the money for it)

I still have to test drive the X5 and compare, but I must say that WK2 is looking better by the day. I just don't like the wheel choices Chrysler offers, and with expensive models it is a shame that we would have to swap the wheels+tires shortly after.

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