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tommc4 09-04-2011 02:42 PM

'03 P455 Code - moe details in msg
Well, I have been getting the P455 code for a month or two now. I know it says a "Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected (large leak)". I have noticed that when I open the gas cap, I don't hear the "hiss" from the pressurization, so I am thinking, maybe the neck or something in the gas tank system?

Replaced the gas cap, no change. I can clear the code, but it comes back in +/- 24 hours, depending on how much I drive. I am sure this is screwing up my mileage as well...

My brother (owns a tranny shop) says that it is tricky to "fix" because it could be a bunch of things. He says he has seen people sepnd a thousand dollars at dealers trying to clear this issue!

Any thoughts? I want to try and fix this before it gets cold... :)

2005JGC 09-04-2011 04:34 PM

Your brother is wrong... Sorry. Its generally decently quick and easy. That said I can quickly verify a repair with a forced monitor (using DRBIII) and for you it will require replacing hose, clearing codes and driving it for a couple days. typically a visual inspection will locate the problem. Typically its cracked hoses, look over all the rubber hoses fine cracking typically it happens ar the flaired portion of the tubes. I'm on my phone and this blows... If you search p0455 or evap leak I have listed places to look on the wj.

Now that Im not on my phone, common leak points are the hoses near the intake manifold (locate the purge solenoid, mounted to the drivers side of the engine bay with 2 hoses going to it)... follow these 2 hoses and inspect ALL rubber hoses that are in this system. Know that just looking at them will sometimes not reveal anything, if you look at the end of the hose (picture for you... O ) you will see a bunch of cracks. Also on the wj right above the rear axle there is a portion of hard line (that stretches from the front to the rear of the vehicle) just over the axle it goes to rubber line and this line likes to crack right at this joint at the ferrule on the hard line. This hose I have found enough slack that the 1-1.5" you cut off it you can just plug it back in with a fresh hose end... up under the hood replace any cracking hose with bulk hose, clear the codes and drive it.

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mtbitt 09-05-2011 10:38 AM

Re: '03 P455 Code - moe details in msg
If you are unable to see a cracked line or hose visually, find a shop with a "Smoke Machine". This hooks up to your evap. system and filles it with smoke, then the smoke escapes wherever the leak is.

Sometimes not real easy to find, but look at all the bends in any rubber lines, and where the rubber lines slide onto a fitting like mentioned in earlier post.


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