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nwb300 09-05-2011 04:07 PM

Zone 4" lift
In a few days i'm getting a zone 4" lift installed on my WJ. I was happy with the BDS 2" lift that I had but I want more clearance and after 4" it can get costly quick. I wanted the BDS 4" but for $500 more all I seem to get is adjustable control arm's but they don't include an adjustable track bar just a relocation bracket (zone give you an adjustable one). My question is will I need to use another leveling kit up front? I needed one with the BDS kit because the 4.7 made the springs sag a bit and it wouldn't clear the 32" tires I had. Does anybody have the zone lift that can verify if I need to reuse the kit i had and if they did how was the ride? I wish companies just made heavier duty springs for the 4.7 and not just the 4.0. Thanks in advance!!!!!!

cheapjeep 09-08-2011 02:10 PM

Re: Zone 4" lift
I checked out their site and it says you may not get the full 4" in front with a v8. I'd try a set of 3/4"spacers in the front. Also I think I'd go with a drop pitman arm. At 4" I think you're gonna need it to keep the "wobble" at bay. You're gonna have a pretty steep angle on your drag link otherwise. If that kit is built well it's a hell of a deal actually a steal for what you get.

nwb300 09-09-2011 06:09 PM

Re: Zone 4" lift
Thanks for the input cheapjeep. It's getting the lift installed right now. I had the guy order front upper control arms also. I have the BDS 2" coil lift on it now and had to use a 1 3/4" spacer to level the jeep out. Were going to start with the 3/4 when its done and go up from there if needed. Had to get the front drive shaft cut and balanced too. I'm going to order the rear addco sway bar and drop pitman arm next week. I don't want to ever have the "death wobble". The ZONE company makes excellent quality stuff (sister company of BDS). The guy that is installing the kit has put a dozen or so of these kits on WJ's and hasn't had a problem yet with any of them.

AcidCold 09-09-2011 08:29 PM

Re: Zone 4" lift
Will you be using 32''s?

nwb300 09-09-2011 11:46 PM

Re: Zone 4" lift

Originally Posted by AcidCold (Post 481911)
Will you be using 32''s?

Yes for now. I would like to get a wider set for the summer (285's) but for now i'll stick with the 32's.

nwb300 09-12-2011 09:15 PM

Re: Zone 4" lift
Well, I got the 4" zone lift installed and everything looks and rides great except for the nasty front drive line vibration between 45-55. Going to change the u-joints tomorrow and go from there. Looks like a Tom woods or a carolina driveline drive shaft. Does anybody else have any ideas?

99PlatinumWJ 09-13-2011 04:42 PM

Re: Zone 4" lift
Post a picture when you get a chance, cant wait to see it. your jeep looked awesome before the new lift..

AcidCold 09-13-2011 05:20 PM

Re: Zone 4" lift
I know my bro's XJ had a vibration after a 3.5'' lift and we had to get a 1'' drop pitman arm to help the issue.

nwb300 09-13-2011 09:22 PM

Re: Zone 4" lift
We took the front drive shaft off and the vibration is gone. It is the.....double cardan drive shaft that from what I read is the one you want unless you spend the big money and get a Tom Woods. I know a guy that rebuilds and balances drive shafts redoing it for me cheap. Hopefully that fixes the vibration. I put the 2" spacer up front and now the front sits about an inch higher than the front so i'm going to replace that with a 1" spacer here soon (there was minor sag because of the 4.7). The drag link and adjustable track bar almost line up so I'm debating the drop pitman arm (haven't noticed any bump steer yet). All in all i'm very impressed with the craftsmanship and ride of the 4" lift and would recommend their kit to anyone. Thanks for the compliment MichaelNawrock. Your ride looks pretty bad ass too. I'll get pics up soon.......

nwb300 09-18-2011 11:52 AM

Re: Zone 4" lift
Hey guys, need a little help. Now that I have the lift in I should of replaced all 8 spring isolators. I thought the front upper and lower control arms were not greased but they were. Found out the isolators were shot so I checked around and the prices vary greatly. seemed to have the best price (75 for everything but the rear uppers). For some weird reason they don't carry the rear uppers. I checked advanced auto and they have moog replacement ones and I was going to buy the rear uppers from them but wanted your opinion on them. All in all the ride is great except for the squeak and the fact that I need to get the addco rear sway bar installed. Thanks!!!!!!!

nwb300 10-09-2011 08:12 PM

Re: Zone 4" lift
I finally got around to installing all new spring isolators. I found out that if you use a 2" leveling kit in the front (i used daystar) with no upper spring isolator it levels the jeep out nicely if you have the v8. People with the 4.0 won't have this issue. Here are some pics of the 4" installed and her all washed up.

99PlatinumWJ 10-12-2011 01:34 PM

Re: Zone 4" lift
looks awesome! i love those '04 freedom editions! especially the freedom rails and the 2004's front end is the best lol

what tire size are you running? i see you said 32s, but whats the actual size it says on the tire? 255/70/17?
also those fit with the 2 inch lift you had before right?

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