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janibeans 09-08-2011 12:05 AM

I have 18" JK Sahara wheels on my WJ right now, which I think is the perfect diameter wheel. The problem is with width; being only 7.5" wide, even the 245's on it right now look ballooned and aren't optimal for on-road performance, as I don't drive this thing off road at all, only using it to commute about 200 miles a week. I have a 245/55/18 BFG on it now(stock 18" 2010+ Camaro size.) I'm considering getting some 18x9.5" wheels put on it, and going with a slightly wider 265/50/18 Nitto 555, which is also a common 18x9" 2010+ Camaro size(for the fronts). I know people who typically put 20x9 SRT wheels on these put a 275ish tire on them(right?), which clears front and rear, correct? I can get the wheels in anything from a 4" to a 7" backspacing. The maximum recommended width of wheel for the 265/50/18 is 9.5", as well. I want a flatter sidewall, so I think this would be the right combo. I looked at what I have now(18x7.5 +45 offset/6" backspacing), checked clearances and think this combo may work:

18x9.5" with a 6", 6.5", or 7" backspacing(7" would equal the +45 offset of the JK wheels now, adding 1" to the front and 1" to the back of the wheels
265/50/18 Nitto 555

If the offset/backspacing isn't correct, it can be changed to anything listed in the link below. Here are the wheels I'm thinking about getting:

Of course, this would come after I do some suspension mods and repair the body and paint. They're big money, and wouldn't look right on it without the rest of the Jeep looking the part. My biggest concern is lightening the total rotating weight, and it would be about 54lbs per corner with this wheel/tire combo.

janibeans 09-08-2011 04:52 PM

Re: 18x9.5/265's?
Here's another tire I've been considering, but haven't heard of ANYONE outside of a hot rodders circle use them for any kind of daily driving.

Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R in a 28x10(or12)x18. Who knows what kind of life they have, and how well they work in the wet/highway etc. 10" wide MT's are 28lbs, 12" wide MT's are 33lbs. The 265/50/18 Nitto's sit right in the middle in terms of section/tread width, but are about .5" taller.

There's also the 295/45/18 Nitto NT555's, but I'm not sure I'd want anything that wide. Kinda sketchy thinking about the 12" MT's.

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