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DGoral31 09-08-2011 01:30 AM

HOW TO: Rear Fender Pinch n Weld Mod - WK
Ok so this mod is for you off road guys with a similar set up as me ( see signature below ). Basically, i learned the hard way what having tires that do not tuck completely into your rear fenders do to your fender flairs at full flex. I learned about this mod from one of the guys here and decided to do a HOW TO thread about it since i've never seen it before on this forum. I heard that there is a write up on another forum and i dont see why this forum should have one too! :thumbsup:

Lets begin...

So there is a lip that sticks out at the edge of our WK's in the rear fender, this lip is about 1.5" long and is parallel to the ground. With no modifications this lip will catch on your tires at full articulation and will cause damage to your fender and tires... as such...

As you can see that metal piece cut the hell out of my beautiful AND EXPENSIVE tires... i wish i knew about this mod before i went wheel'n

anyways, on to the fix!! :D

Tools Required:

- Hammer
- Dremel Tool - cutting wheel
- Jack stands
- Safety Goggles
- Gloves

First off... open the rear door, you will see a rubbery plastic piece that goes along the edge of the bottom of the door and around the front of the rear wheel well to keep everything air and water tight. That piece needs to be removed... here is the piece.


Then go ahead and remove your tire and cut .5 inch slits about 1" apart along that lip as such...

Once that is done, grab a hammer and pound away. Make sure they fold back as far as they can so it looks like this...

Be aware that your paint will chip but don't worry at the end of this you wont even be able to tell!!

So once the bending is done we want to take that plastic rubbery piece and cut that so it doesnt stick out, before it was used to cover that 1.5" metal lip, now we dont have it anymore so go ahead and grab your dremel again and cut it up along the edge to match...

Grind down and smooth out that edge so that it looks as close to stock as possible.

Now reinstall plastic rubbery piece to the bottom of the door sill...

Once everything is done make sure it gets inspected by a professional...

If everything checks out your mod should look just as good as stock!!

Job takes about 1.5 hours depending on how good you are with a dremel tool... I use it for a lot of stuff, its a MUST HAVE tool in my opinion.


-Dave :)

Megatron 09-14-2011 08:11 PM

Re: HOW TO: Rear Fender Pinch n Weld Mod - WK
Cool write up. Do you have that professionals business card? lolol

DGoral31 09-14-2011 08:17 PM

Re: HOW TO: Rear Fender Pinch n Weld Mod - WK
lol u crazy

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