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btufts 09-08-2011 04:56 PM

Transmisson shift problem
I have 04 Grand Cherokee 6 cyl. When the accelerator is hard to push(have to apply some pressure) the tranny shifts ok. intermittently the accelerator frees up(acting normal)but the tranny stays in second or third gear and just screams.Turn off vehicle let sit for a while start up, accelerator hard but tranny shifts ok. Usually happens when first starting up. Had to transmission garage for a week they were unable to recreate the problem. Said it was probably something electrical but didn't want to throw parts at it.
Any help would be appreciated

DrLocke 09-08-2011 05:13 PM

Re: Transmisson shift problem
I think the linkage is binding. Maybe the kick-down linkage.

Frango100 09-09-2011 09:27 AM

Re: Transmisson shift problem
Being the fact that the accelerator pedal is hard to move, there must be a problem with the accelerator cable. Try to follow the cable and see that it is not stuck in between something or that on the throttle body the throttle linkage hits something. Check also the pedal to see if carpet is not stuck in between the mechanism or something else is wrong. If this all seems to be ok, the accelerator cable is then probably binding. Disconnect both ends and check if cable is free to move.
The last one could be the transmission throttle valve cable, which runs from the throttle body to the transmission. If this one is not properly adjusted, it will give too late or too soon shifting.

(1) Turn ignition key to OFF position.
(2) Remove air cleaner.
(3) Verify that lever on throttle body (Fig. 241) is
at curb idle position. Then verify that the transmission
throttle lever (Fig. 242) is also at idle (fully forward)
(4) Slide cable off attachment stud on throttle body
(5) Compare position of cable end to attachment
stud on throttle body lever:
Cable end and attachment stud should be
aligned (or centered on one another) to within 1 mm
(0.039 in.) in either direction (Fig. 243).

If cable end and attachment stud are misaligned
(off center), cable will have to be adjusted as
described in Throttle Valve Cable Adjustment procedure.
(6) Reconnect cable end to attachment stud. Then
with aid of a helper, observe movement of transmission
throttle lever and lever on throttle body.

If both levers move simultaneously from idle to
half-throttle and back to idle position, adjustment is

If transmission throttle lever moves ahead of, or
lags behind throttle body lever, cable adjustment will
be necessary. Or, if throttle body lever prevents
transmission lever from returning to closed position,
cable adjustment will be necessary.

(1) Turn ignition switch to OFF position.
(2) Remove air cleaner if necessary.
(3) Disconnect cable end from attachment stud.
Carefully slide cable off stud. Do not pry or pull
cable off.
(4) Verify that transmission throttle lever is in
fully closed position. Then be sure lever on throttle
body is at curb idle position.
(5) Pry the T.V. cable lock (A) into the UP position
(Fig. 243). This will unlock the cable and allow for
(6) Apply just enough tension on the T.V. cable (B)
to remove any slack in the cable.
Pulling too tight
will cause the T.V. lever on the transmission to
move out of its idle position, which will result
in an incorrect T.V. cable adjustment.
Slide the
sheath of the T.V. cable (D) back and forth until the
centerlines of the T.V. cable end (B) and the throttle
bell crank lever (C) are aligned within one millimeter
(1mm) (Fig. 243).
(7) While holding the T.V. cable in the set position

push the T.V. cable lock (A) into the down position
(Fig. 243). This will lock the present T.V. cable
NOTE: Be sure that as the cable is pulled forward
and centered on the throttle lever stud, the cable
housing moves smoothly with the cable. Due to the
angle at which the cable housing enters the spring
housing, the cable housing may bind slightly and
create an incorrect adjustment.
(8) Reconnect the T.V. cable (B) to the throttle
bellcrank lever (C).
(9) Check cable adjustment. Verify transmission
throttle lever and lever on throttle body move simultaneously.

goldfishy 09-10-2011 01:05 PM

Re: Transmisson shift problem
Could be your governor pressure sensor and the solenoid, have your mechanic run a code reader and you will probably get one or two codes: P1762, I forget the other code.

But if either of them comes up, it's a easy fix and the parts are fairly inexpensive, probably less than $200-250 total, replace both units, since they are probably the original parts and it's only time that the old part will go bad.

Your problem is a known issue with the WJ's and might as change your tranny fluid and the filter at the same time.

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