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markp99 09-09-2011 10:08 AM

Door Alignment Issue?
Maybe I'm being a little to picky, but my driver side front & rear doors are out of alignment (top to bottom). I noticed the other day while walking past in just the right light along the mid-door body lines.

Looks to be off by 3/8 to 1/4. This may be within spec, but did catch my eye!

The front door aligns with front quarter panel perfectly. The rear door is misaligned - too low.

All the vertical GAPS around all 4 doors are even and consistent.

Is this something I can adjust, a dealer issue to address, or just forget about it??


Kevlars 09-10-2011 12:56 AM

Re: Door Alignment Issue?
I think the dealer can take Care of it. I have a similar issue where the pass. Side rear door does not seem to shut far enough in on the top but ok on the bottom. Hey it's a jeep... :) I am happy as long as it keeps wind and weather out and it does not squeak.

I will adress with the dealer....

77Cherokee 09-10-2011 08:27 AM

Re: Door Alignment Issue?
Let the dealer do it. The techs do these alignments all the time. They can probably do it quickly and get it right the first time. It's a minor problem that can wait until you have to bring it in for something else. :)

bigpanda 09-10-2011 04:37 PM

Re: Door Alignment Issue?
I had a similar issue and later found out the door hinge was loose. Jeep build quality...

markp99 09-10-2011 04:49 PM

Re: Door Alignment Issue?
Hmm, I'll take a closer look at that hinge. Thx.

My Jeep just rolled over 3600mi, so I was prompted for my first oil change. Dealer does first one for free. I can add a couple items to the list, including door alignment.

I also noticed a nice little paint chip on front of the hood while waxing today (ugh). I'll need some touch-up paint too.

Kevlars 09-11-2011 02:49 AM

Re: Door Alignment Issue?
For touch up check out langka. Once you put the blob of paint you use this stuff to knock it down smooth. So only the paint is in the chip. Amazon sells it. Used on all of my cars, works still need factory paint.

Lingohocken 09-12-2011 10:13 PM

Re: Door Alignment Issue?
Thanks for the tip. Will check hinges, too -- the driver's side of our '12 Overland is perfectly aligned, but the pass side has a 1/8" jog. The minor misalignment is no big deal, but a loose hinge would be!

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