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m3rd0l8r 09-11-2011 04:16 PM

2005 WK, 5.7 - ODB reset or sensor replace?
I got a code: DTC P0520 (Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Circuit Malfunction) in the ODB. I checked oil and was about 1.5 quarts low after 2500 miles on an oil change performed at the dealership. They placed 5w30 oil in it though the manual clearly states (as well as the oil cap) 5w20 should be used in the hemi. I added oil and have driven it 5+ miles three times but the light remains with just this same code.

A few questions as I ponder and troubleshoot:
1 - Would the low oil level and/or (both) oil weight have a bearing on this sensor being tripped?
2 - Will the sensor go off with filling the oil to correct levels or do I need to flush and fill with the correct weight.
3 - Why in the heck would a Jeep dealership garage put the incorrect weight in my vehicle? (so they could charge me to replace a sensor? not funny!!)
4 - If I pull the battery negative for a minute or so, will the ODB light go off and only re-trip if an issue remains or do I have to replace the sensor?

Any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:

viking757 09-11-2011 06:14 PM

Re: 2005 WK, 5.7 - ODB reset or sensor replace?
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Read the attached especially the part I highlighted in red. More than likely that came on because of low oil AND improper oil weight. I would immediately go back to the dealership and have them put the correct weight in your hemi because MDS relies on it.

Print out this TSB and tell them to fix it free of charge since they messed up!

Quoted from WKJEEPS:
"Note: It is important to use only 5W-20 oil for proper operation of the Multiple Displacement System. Use of other weight oils will affect the on/off timing window of the MDS system and may also result in unbalanced engine wear."

4.whoa 11-08-2011 10:33 PM

Re: 2005 WK, 5.7 - ODB reset or sensor replace?
Well, just got this code as well.:mad: I change my own oil.I ALWAYS use synthetic 5w20.I have just about 2k on this change,last one had about 3600 mi. I changed it early as I was leaving on a trip(usually go 4k w/synthetic) I used castrol this time and added Z-max as well (i've used it before and didnt have any issues) its been running fine,just had the light on this morning.I checked the oil level and its right in the middle of the hatch marks.I hooked up my DS and monitered it, but it shows voltage, not psi :confused: @ idle it was 2.0-2.5v and driving was 3.3-4.1v i have no idea what that equates to. I cleared it,and after about 30 min of in town driving its back on :mad: :mad: i'm NOWHERE near home and have about 1800 mi till i am.since the oil symbol light isnt coming on,is there a problem with driving it? it doesnt have any abnormal sounds...
Please help!

Scottina06 11-09-2011 12:17 AM

Re: 2005 WK, 5.7 - ODB reset or sensor replace?
I just posted in your thread 4.whoa...check it out

4.whoa 11-09-2011 12:18 AM

Re: 2005 WK, 5.7 - ODB reset or sensor replace?
Just saw it. Thanks for the help!

m3rd0l8r 02-09-2012 02:20 AM

Re: 2005 WK, 5.7 - ODB reset or sensor replace?
Hey there guys. Didn't want to be a jerk and not thank for the responses. Turns out that the dealership did place the correct weight of oil in according to their records, but the service technician keyed the wrong info into my invoice/bill. The sensor (though a cheap part on its own) did need to be replaced once it is tripped and cost me just over two bills to get done. Turns out that as reliable as my vehicle is, I'm finding that sensors are the weak spot on this one for me. I'll take the cost of a Jeep WK sensor over my old Audi A6's sensors any day but I've had a few already - seatbelt tensioner sensor: it prevents the airbag from being deployed if broken apparently (what kind of BS is that?), a fuel emissions recirculating sensor (that actually turned itself off and went away), and constant low "spare" tire sensors. Ugh. The jeep is awesome otherwise. I guess due to the whole Audi history of trauma, I'm hypersensitive about it.

Again, thanks for the response. I hadn't posted in awhile.

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