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baybduc 09-14-2011 05:43 AM

99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Issues
We have a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee....We first had problems with the keyless entry remote so we replaced batteries....Then it would work sometimes and sometimes not.....If used key in driver door the alarm would go off if you didn't click the lock twice.....For the past week or so now we are having a hard time starting it after we get in....Lastnight it clicked open after second try but wouldn't turn over....I had to close the door and use the remote to lock and open it and then I tried it again and it started.....It's like it's opening it but not turning off security part ..... openTonight I got new batteries in it and the alarm went off and I couldn't get it to stop other then taking positive battery cable loose.....Before I did that I actully could start it with the alarm going off...Does it sound like a remote problem or the opening/security/sensor problem???
Soooooo Distressed :(

Frango100 09-14-2011 06:27 AM

Re: 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Issues
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Check if the red light on top of the dash, close to the windshield, continues to flash slowly when you unlock the door. If yes, its a signal that the alarm didnīt disarm. That could probably be a problem with the driver door lock switch. This is the one which arms/disarms the alarm.
That the engine doesnīt want to start is in fact an other system, the SKIS. It uses a transponder key and a receiver. Do you still have a second key available to test it with that one? Also its important to know if it just wonīt start, or if it doesnīt even turn over. If the problem lies with the SKIS, the engine should at least turn over normally and should even start and die after 2 seconds or so. If it doesnīt turn over, its a whole other problem.
The remotes on the jeep are not very sensitive and the receiver is in the passenger side door module. It could help to point the remote in the direction of the passenger door.

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