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oldgeezer 09-16-2011 08:47 PM

Maintenance records-How to get them?
Recently purchased a 2005 WK Hemi Limited and asked the simple question of please printing former service records including maintenance performed so that I at least would know my new vehicle baseline at 77K. Was informed by the service general manager that that would not be possible since it would indicate prior specific ownership. WTF? I simply asked them to print out the most recent records and cut out any reference to the prior owner? I innocently want to know what has been done to the vehicle and what I might need to have done in the near future? Should I be an A**hole and go to the GM and demand this info, or are there laws out there today that support his position? Let me hear your approach. Thanks.

SupWiz17 09-16-2011 11:14 PM

Re: Maintenance records-How to get them?
In for answer to this. I would love to have service records. It will save me alot of time if I dont have to open up certain things myself.

jeepgcoman 09-16-2011 11:15 PM

Re: Maintenance records-How to get them?
Did you do a Carfax? Does your Limited have a Nav. Unit? If so, you may be able to get owner info. (home) off the unit. Mine had their name and address in it, along with the various trips they took. I didn't need any of this info. though, as when I bought mine I went through everything, so I know the status. If the previous owner was what I consider "normal for today" they probably didn't do anything but oil changes...if even that. Mine had the wrong weight oil (put in by the Jeep Dealer) and the spark plugs were 18000 miles overdue scheduled change. I am sure everything else was overdue also. Now I know exactly what has been done, and when it was done, and most importantly, that it was done correctly....not by the Jeep Dealer.

mjl2610 09-17-2011 02:13 PM

Re: Maintenance records-How to get them?
Well, if you cannot get service records why not try to come up with some reasonable conclusions yourself. What i mean is take a mini sample/look at the fluids in your jeep for starters and try to use your best judgement. I would assume that the oil was changed when it was supposed to.

I personally know that my transmission fluid was changed at 30k miles because of a warranty repair i had on the trans., but I can also pull the dipstick and see that the fluid is still a clean bright red even though i have now 69320 on the clock (40k miles later).

I also know that I never have changed my differential fluid or my transfer case fluid since I had the jeep (69k miles). When i pulled the fill plugs on them and took a small sample, the fluid is not clear and can use a change. My diffs are not making any rubbing or whining noise so it can wait a bit more. I will get this done when i have time sometime before winter.

You can also pull a spark plug or two to see the condition of a plug. If it looks very detonated, its not a bad idea to pick up some new plugs and install them. I put in some champion platinum power plugs in the jeep at 35k miles and wont be replacing them until the clock hits 110k or so. I have a 4.7 v8 so you will want to use oem or as close to oem as possible for plugs. I went with the ones I did was because i am not replacing copper plugs every 30k miles.

I also use full synthetic oil for the motor and change it every 6000-6500k miles whenever i get a chance to do it.

I am not cheap or neglect my vehicle what so ever as i do drive about 75 miles round trip every day for work. I also don't change the fluids exactly when the dealer says either. I do have the advantage of knowing when all the maintenance had been performed on my jeep, however, i also will be performing maintenance when I think its appropriate.

Oldgeezer, what are some maintenance items that concern you about the jeep?

mjl2610 09-17-2011 02:17 PM

Re: Maintenance records-How to get them?
If you do not know about wk jeeps and would like to know suggested maint. intervals, fluid type and capacities, check this link out.

mjl2610 09-17-2011 02:29 PM

Re: Maintenance records-How to get them?
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Also, did you try to create an account on for current owners at

IF you create an account all the service records related to my VIN if they were performed at a Jeep dealer. All of these are warranty items I have had taken care of at various times. So maintenance and repairs are all listed.

oldgeezer 09-17-2011 07:26 PM

Re: Maintenance records-How to get them?
Thanks all for the recommendations. The maintenance/service person in Massachusetts was trying to convince me that by law in the state, he would not be able to provide me with prior maintenance/service records since it would indicate the prior owner. I simply stated that all he had to do was print out the records and cut out the prior owner's name from the printed output since I could care less who owned the vehicle prior to myself. He again refused. My son who is 6 ft 3 also refused to leave until this was resolved. I talked to my sales person and it was going to be escalated to the General Manager. The service manager finally relented and release records within the last 10K miles. What a bunch of B.S. I ownly want to know what I need to do to maintain my $$$ investment(LOL), but they surely do not care less. I am nearing 66 years of age and think that this non-disclosure is B.S. If I am incorrect, have at me, and straighten me out. Thanks for bearing with my rant. By the way-I love the new vehicle-2005 WK Hemi with all of the bells and whistles. Thanks to all.

SupWiz17 09-17-2011 08:01 PM

Re: Maintenance records-How to get them?

Originally Posted by mjl2610 (Post 486237)
Also, did you try to create an account on for current owners at

IF you create an account all the service records related to my VIN if they were performed at a Jeep dealer. All of these are warranty items I have had taken care of at various times. So maintenance and repairs are all listed.

Thats sweet. Im going to look into making an account like that this weekend. I bought my Jeep out by you and when I looked in the glove box I have a few receipts from dealerships in naperville and glen ellyn lol.

navidr 06-06-2012 07:45 AM

Re: Maintenance records-How to get them?
How can I have the access to My Jeep Maintenance Records?, I am living in Dubai and my car during the last year was maintained by the Jeep Dealer in Dubai.

Don's GC 06-08-2012 12:04 PM

Re: Maintenance records-How to get them?
The dealer was not giving you BS. I have worked at a dealer for 40 years, and because of the Gramm-Leach Act we have to secure all information. If a company does financing of car loans, all data has to be secured just like a bank. We now have to by law charge a doc fee to keep the information secure for a specific amount of time. We can not leave customer information out on desk when we are not using it. We have to destroy our paper trash, and can not just put it in the waste can. We are not able to give the former customer info out to anyone. Our computer systems are password protected (which is a pain most of the time). I have had more than one customer get mad because we could not hand over info. I always run a free Carfax for them if they want history on the vehicle. However if they did not get the work done at the dealer you will not get much of a report from Carfax or Autocheck. We even have to check the do not call list before we can call people at random to sell cars. If I know the former customer I usually call them and ask if it is ok to give them info on the service records or if they would give the new customer a call to fill in the blanks. You would be suprised at the time the old customer says no I don't want to talk or share info with anyone. You have to respect that. We are all in fear of someone stealing our lives and this extra security is part of life now. I just thought you should know that the dealers hands are tied when it come to giving out info like this. We usually clear the nav system and the Homelink door opener on our trade-ins. If you buy certified used from the dealer all of the service will be done up to date and covered by warranty. This is the best way to buy a preowned wehicle.

kennzz05 06-08-2012 12:16 PM

Re: Maintenance records-How to get them?
my dealer cheerfully complied with my service request even mailed it to my house they just blacked out previous owners info. their only request was to go online and give the dealership a favorable rating

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