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Xanatos03 09-18-2011 02:22 AM

Help with transmission problem
I have a 2007 3.7L GCL 4WD with 58k miles and lately it's been shifting hard. It doesn't do it all the time and I get the most trouble from my tranny shifting when I get on the freeway. It shifts normally but when it gets to shifting from third to fourth gear it won't when it should. It gets to about 4k RPMs before it wants to shift. I usually end up letting off the gas pedal and that helps it to shift into fourth gear. There are also times when I let go of the gas to coast or get ready to brake and it shifts hard when it goes to a lower gear. It's mostly going at an angle (i.e. freeway ramp, going up or down a hill, etc.) that I get the hard shifting. I had the tranny serviced and nothing was wrong with my tranny. My Jeep doesn't stall at all but it does idle a little rough. I've also had no lights come on the dash and I don't have a scan tool to check for any codes.

I've read around the forums and internet searches that it could be the TPS needing to be replaced. If it could be that does anyone know the price for them and where I could get an OEM one for a good price and the part #?

I hope I described my problem the best I could. If I left anything out please let me know. Thanks

Xanatos03 09-19-2011 09:25 PM

Re: Help with transmission problem
Nevermind, I figured it out. A few wires were not plugged in properly and now it runs great!

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