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copley2596 09-24-2009 11:16 PM

jeep comes home!!
I joined this site a couple months ago.... when i joined my jeep was down and i was in the middle of a hemi conversion with a 5.7 hemi from a 4.7l. Well its been six months since i started the project in april and it is now finally finished. In april i hydrostatically locked my 4.7l engine by sucking water threw the cold air intake into the motor. The result was a bent rod. My local jeep dealer wanted between $5500 to $7000 dollars to rebuild or replace the motor with a used one. so i did some research around my hometown and found a non mds 5.7l hemi that was pulled out of a 2005 dodge durango that had been wrecked. It had just 36000 thousand miles on it so i purchased the motor for $3000. By the time i had the motor in my possession it was the end of april and the build began.

In my garage i pulled the busted 4.7l out and started from scratch. I knew i would run into some issues since it wasnt a hemi pulled directly from a jeep. After i had the old motor out i pulled apart the hemi to inspect it and change a few things. the only thing that was dirty was to water pump so the engine turned out good. Than we put a new cam from in from competition cams. the cam i used is # 112-502-11 Grind XFI 273H-14. Also used beehive springs and retainers from comp cams. After the install on those parts we put it all back together.

Once we had the motor back together my new headers arrived from JBA part # 1962S. Wen bolted those on than i picked up a new torque converter from a local company in town and bolted it on. From there we were able to start dropping the motor in. It didnt take to long to get the motor in and bolted up all i needed was new hemi jeep motor mounts. The hardest part was fitting the headers in. On the driver side it fir no problem but on the passenger side we had to knock the firewall in a couple inches for the header to clear. Once that was done we finished bolting in the motor to the transmission.

This is where the build started to get difficult. All of the mechanical work was pretty easy with the help of a friend in town but once we got into the conversion of all of the wiring it got tricky in a hurry. After about a month of fussing :slapfight: with it i gave up and sent it over to some friends of mine in bellevue, washington. The place is called Park Place Ltd. They have had it since the begging of August and they called me two days ago and said they took it for a test drive. So tomorrow it goes down the street to Dan Fast Muffler shop to get a complete custom exhaust. Than it will make its journey back home to Spokane, Washington.

Also have a cold air intake, computer reflashed by B&G

future mods are a new intake manifold from XV motorsports, a new posi rear end, and more!!! :D

I should have the car back monday than i will posts pics!!!

Robert Palmer 09-24-2009 11:26 PM

Re: jeep comes home!!
Damnit man, no pics? Why do you have to make us wait till Monday? LOL

Glad the Jeep is at home.

Megatron 09-24-2009 11:26 PM

Re: jeep comes home!!
That was a good read.

Can't wait to see the final product, and most importantly you are satisfied!

HEMIBeast 09-24-2009 11:44 PM

Re: jeep comes home!!

jeepnjeep 09-25-2009 05:05 AM

Re: jeep comes home!!
Wow, that's a lot of work. I hope the results are worth it. The Jeep should run great!

Chaoul1 09-25-2009 05:12 AM

Re: jeep comes home!!
Well congrats getting it installed! Waiting for pics.

BUBBADOG 09-25-2009 07:22 AM

Re: jeep comes home!!

DAVY27 09-25-2009 07:25 AM

Re: jeep comes home!!
wow..nice project you got going on there. good to hear it's back dude! keep us posted

1 GRAND 09-25-2009 07:26 AM

Re: jeep comes home!!
Man that was alot of work. You must really like your Jeep to go through all of that. Kudos to you!

Matt 09-25-2009 08:10 AM

Re: jeep comes home!!
Sick, can't wait to see it!

08Hemi 09-25-2009 10:27 AM

Re: jeep comes home!!
Yeah good for you...I think you will be glad you got a HEMI rather than rebuilding the 4.7 for about the same $$. Pics when you got em

B.P.O.D 09-25-2009 10:33 AM

Re: jeep comes home!!
nice bro!!! lot of work there!!!! PICS!!!

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