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ejschultz 09-20-2011 08:57 PM

ejschultz Build Log
Okay, this is basically going to be copied and pasted from Here's my progress with everything so far on my ZJ.

Well, here's my build thread. For now, it's going to be mostly interior work until I get some cash to work on the suspension. I recently replaced the rear carpet; there will no pictures of that for now as it's just a newer looking stock carpet. I'm working on the stereo right now. There will be pictures coming for that. I did get the PAC-SWI JACK to keep my steering wheel controls. I'll get pictures of exactly which wire is used to make that work properly. Also, working with the Infinity Gold amp with an aftermarket HU can be rather difficult. There's nothing on here that easily shows how to get the HU to turn the amp on for a ZJ so I'll show some pics and let you know exactly how I accomplished that. I'm still working on it for now, well sort of anyways. I had to call it quits for the day because I have class right now... :D. This goes to show how much I pay attention. This probably isn't the type of build thread you all want to know about, but car audio is one of my biggest passions. I figured I'd share my endeavor with you.

Okay, here's some pictures of what I've done so far. First, the wire that I'm showing is the black/orange wire in the harness directly on the bottom of the steering column. This wire is the one you cut to use a PAC adapter to interface the steering wheel controls on any Jeep up through 1998. The second picture shows the harness plugged in to where it belongs. The third picture is a finished head unit install. Before I post the pictures I want to let you know what I did with the steering wheel controls and a couple of other things that I couldn't find doing searches on here, or anywhere for that matter. First, the buttons on the left side are now the volume controls instead of the ones on the right. I did this so I could set the middle button as a mute button and have complete volume control from my left hand. The mute will come in handy once I finish my system. The controls on the right are track up and down. (The PAC adapter will let you choose what the buttons do so if you want to keep them the way they are, you can.) The VIC does still work with an aftermarket HU. The clock is no longer contolled by the HU but is set by the VIC itself. Lastly, to get the Infinity Gold amp to turn on with the aftermarket HU, you have to wire the HU's remote turn on to the wiring harness' power antenna lead. These are all things I saw a lot of questions about but no one had any answers to them. Here are the answers. Anyways, on to the pics.

Well, here's the finished build...

Getting the amps, crossovers, and some wiring ready:

Drilling for the power wire:

Running the power wire, loomed and sealed with silicone:

Door speakers (Pioneer Premier TS-D520C):

I used the factory tweeter grilles to mount the Pioneer tweeters in the factory locations. This required a bunch of dremel work:

Finished install:

Also, to run the wire into the doors, I basically ran new wire up to the molex at the doors, cut the wiring for the speakers, and then tapped into that. The wiring for the tweeters runs all the way up into the dash. A lot of the wiring takes you through some pretty tight situations.

ejschultz 09-21-2011 05:17 PM

Re: ejschultz Build Log
Specs on that build:

1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee TSi
Alpine CDA-9855
Kicker ZX-200.2
Alpine MRD-M605
Alpine Amp Link for the 605
Pioneer Premier TS-D520C
Alpine Type X 1043D
1.3 cubes net @ 29 Hz
Rockford Fosgate wiring
Kicker Battery terminals (of which I didn't post any pics)

I spent a total of $440 on this stuff. I'm not counting stuff that I traded that I had sitting around that wasn't getting used or stuff that I had sitting around that I did use in the build. Not too shabby for a budget build.

ejschultz 09-21-2011 05:17 PM

Re: ejschultz Build Log
Well, here's a little more for my build log. I decided to pick up some OEM tow hooks and put them on there so here's some before and after pics. I don't have any pics yet of the Jeep with the bumper back on. You'll have to excuse the pictures I took; they were with my phone because I can't seem to find my camera right now. Also, I just turned 70000 as well :D.

Well, I got some new meats today. General Grabber AT2s. I had them before on a Jimmy I previously owned and I really liked them so I got them for the Jeep. They're 235/70R16 which equates to about a 29 inch tire. That's slightly larger than stock (28.5"). Also, in the pics you'll notice that my bumper is back on with the front tow hooks installed. I did get a nice little "Jeep" plate for the front to go on that ugly plate bracket.

ejschultz 09-21-2011 05:18 PM

Re: ejschultz Build Log
And lastly, a pic of my car. 1994 Caprice Classic LS. It's on it's way to becoming a competition SQL/show car.

ejschultz 09-21-2011 05:18 PM

Re: ejschultz Build Log
Okay, a couple of weeks ago I ripped one of the surrounds on my driver door speaker while trying to fix a couple of rattles. Long story short, I replaced them with some PPI 355CS components. As highly regarded as the components are, I did not care for them. The midbass response was typical of a 5.25" speaker and the tweeters really never seemed to warm up. Being an audiophile, I had to change this. I picked up a set of Pioneer TS-D1720C components. They're the same as the Pioneer Premier TS-D520C components I had in there, but they're a 6.75" speaker rather than a 5.25". There's no difference whatsoever between the Pioneer and the Pioneer Premier D series performance wise and because I bought from an unauthorized dealer online, it wasn't worth going to the Premier line because the extra warranty carried by the Premiers wouldn't be honored anyway. Back to the Jeep, I got the speakers installed today. I must say, I am very impressed with the overall sound quality and output from the speakers. The midbass is incredible and the tweeters are smooth and clear. They get a little harsh at higher volumes, but I can EQ that down a little. I did run into a slight issue though. The speakers require two brackets for me to get them installed. One bracket is just to get something to fit where the Chrysler speaker was. The other bracket is there because the speaker's basket is too wide to fit into the other bracket. This causes one of my clips on each door panel to not properly lock into place. It isn't noticeable at all, and it's a small price to pay for the amazing sound these provide. I didn't get any picturess of the speaker installed in the passenger door. If you'd like to see what it looks like, make a mirror image of the speaker in the driver door. Here you go...

The tweeters are in the dash in "custom cut" factory brackets. I love my dremel.

ejschultz 09-21-2011 05:20 PM

Re: ejschultz Build Log
Well, a surprise with my Jeep... I'm in the "15 inch club" now. I got a Kicker 10VCVR152. I didn't plan on "upgrading" my sub. I consider this an "upgrade because the Type X was a great sub, I just don't have the power on hand to make it sing. I don't want to match an amp to that sub, I'd rather match a sub to an amp. I'm overall extremely happy with my MRD-M605 so I don't plan on getting something new. The new 15" is actually a pretty decent sub. With the sub turned down on my HU, it blends extremely nicely with my front stage. When I crank it, it really puts out a lot of volume. It's not as clean as the Type X when it's cranked, but it still stays really clean at lower volumes, or high volumes with the sub turned down. For my listening habits, it's a better sub than the Type X.


ejschultz 09-21-2011 05:20 PM

Re: ejschultz Build Log
Okay, hopefully this will be the last of my audio build for a while. I know you guys probably want to see this thing get lifted. That's next, but for now, here's some pics of my new box for the 15" in the Jeep. It's about 2.55 cubes sealed. Mike at AMI Creations built it for me. I don't have the box yet. I'll get some install pics when I get it in there.

There will be install pics up hopefully before Christmas, weather pending. It's 18 degrees here now and there's about 8 or so inches of snow that's drifting with the wind. :(

ejschultz 09-21-2011 05:21 PM

Re: ejschultz Build Log
And here it is...

It likes the sealed box better than the prefab box from Kicker. It still doesn't play as low as I'd like it to, but I think that has a little to do with my power more than the sub. I don't think 600 RMS is enough to get the extreme lows out loudly. I'm happy with it.

The next thing will be my 2" BB for sure. It came in today so that'll hopefully be going on before the next semester starts back up, if I can find some time.

ejschultz 09-21-2011 05:21 PM

Re: ejschultz Build Log
Well, it took me most of yesterday and part of today, but I got the BB installed. I actually drove it to work today with just the front end lifted. I'll get some pics of the BB tomorrow if I have a chance to get outside with my camera. I also went to install the skids (they've been sitting in my basement for the last few months, and I can't get the t-case skid on. I see where it bolts up to the crossmember but I don't see how to get it into the subframe. Any tips on that would be greatly appreciated. I don't have the gas tank skid on yet either, but that shouldn't be a problem once I get the tow hitch off. Now, does the tow hitch go on over the skid or does the skid go on over the tow hitch?

ejschultz 09-21-2011 05:21 PM

Re: ejschultz Build Log
Pics as promised of the BB
And the coil retainer extensions were a pain to figure out, instructions would have been nice...

ejschultz 09-21-2011 05:22 PM

Re: ejschultz Build Log
Well, I blew the CVR so I ordered a Type R to fill it's place. I figured the Type R was a good choice because it gets pretty good reviews pretty much everywhere. Also, according to Alpine, it will work well in my 2.5 cubes sealed. I'll get pics up when I get it and get it installed.

ejschultz 09-21-2011 05:22 PM

Re: ejschultz Build Log
So the SWR-1542D came in and I've had it in the Jeep for about a week now. I though I'd get pics up sooner of the Type R that I ordered, but I couldn't find my camera. It's still MIA so these are cell phone pics. I think they turned out alright though. The Type R seems to be a pretty decent sub and it does like the 2.5 cubes sealed. I haven't given it the full power of my amp yet, but so far it's a really nice sub.

And here's one of my "amp rack". I know it's not the best idea to have the amps on the box. I'm working on a new idea for an amp rack come spring/summer.
That one's a little dark because of my 5% tint on the rear windows and the 15% tint on the hatch.

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