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06GCLDK 09-27-2011 10:54 PM

Bad Luck w/ Tires
Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share a story. I bought a new set of tires in January, had them mounted on my '06 WK after the winter (i live in New England) in April. I got a flat tire 2 days after driving on them because of a faulty inner side-wall. Then in July I got my second flat tire because I apparently ran over a screw, and today I ran over another screw! Thank god the one today was able to be patched. Anyone else have that bad of luck?

2005JGC 09-28-2011 02:28 AM

Re: Bad Luck w/ Tires
Well in prepairing for a camping trip I had my german shepherd in the front yard while I was stiching up a busted seam on my tent trailer, He was chillin in the back of the jeep with the hatch open as a young thug kid walked past the front of the house. Rhabbi (yes my dogs name) jumped out of the jeep and went for him, there was no contact but Rhabbi was headed right for him barking... I grabbed the dog, apologized, put the dog in the house and braced myself for retaliation as there was only anger in his eyes. I dont expect him to be ok with what happened and thank me for apologizing, that is stupid, I was in the wrong, but he had a stone cold gunna kill some one look. Sure enough the next morning we head out only for my tire pressure light to come on a mile down the road. A tire mysteriously got slashed. It was by a puss knife though, litterally we swung by a gas station, I filled it up and inspected for leaking air and found none, it wasnt until 20 mi down the freeway that the light came back on and I got to put the spair on on the side of the freeway.

Fortunatly for myself, the PO of the jeep had spent like 2000 dollars at les schwab shortly before handing it over with a blown headgasket and amungst new calipers on the front and pads and rotors all around I also had new Toyo open country HT's. I swung by les schwab when we got back from our trip and gave them the keys, I walked 2 doors down to my work and by the time I got into my uniform and my tool box unlocked I got a call that it was done, they put a tire on it for free!

Years ago in my 4wd mazda protege I was driving down the road and drove over a steak knife that must have flung up by the front tire and caught the rear tire, full on like penetrated the tire 4" and broke off.

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