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bws326 09-29-2011 02:13 PM

Overland Coolant Leak - Dealer twice - not fixed
I have a 2011 Overland Hemi. About 3 days after buying I pulled into the garage and came back out to car about 10 minutes later a noticed a puddle of coolant on the floor near front passenger tire to front bumper. Looked under hood and saw spray from coolant near the overflow tank and hoses were wet with coolant. Took it in and it was determined overfill during pre-delivery. They pressure checked and said it was fine and it might expel a little more until it regulated itself. It did it a time or two more, but only a little in the engine bay, not enough to come out onto garage floor. The other day I checked it again under cold and noticed coolant was below "fill" line. I went to jeep picked up coolant and added next morning under cold. Filled half way between "Fill" and "full". Drove it today and pulled it into garage and checked, and guess what coolant puddled under overflow tank, not quite enough to spill onto floor, but definitly there.

Any ideas???????????

12167jeep 09-29-2011 06:13 PM

Re: Overland Coolant Leak - Dealer twice - not fixed
My heater hose blew after three days of purchase. Passed a burban in the rain that was sprayin crap all over me. Then i heard a hissing and i could here a flopping noise and felt something banging below my feet and then it started steaming. When i pulled over in the rain, the guy in the burban drove by and i felt like such a tool. So anywho, my coolant was leaking out behind the drivers tire. The dealer checked it out and said the heater hose wasnt seated properly from the factory. Before that the temp was always one tick above the center line on the guage, now it stays dead center.

bws326 09-29-2011 06:21 PM

Re: Overland Coolant Leak - Dealer twice - not fixed
Thanks. I hate that for you, but glad it was fixed. Mine is definitely coming out right at the overflow tank passenger side. The spray is near the radiator fan and below. My temp gauge is usually a tick below half to half. The coolant level reads between 204 degrees on highway and open road and 224 degrees in city and during stop and go. The dealer says they pressure tested, checked radiator cap, and hoses, but can only come up with it is overfilled at delivery, but it leaks out until it is below fill line. I fill up and it expels again. Taking it in tomorrow again, will let you know.

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