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SupWiz17 09-29-2011 08:45 PM

Airbag Light
Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the airbag modules and wiring that is under the driver and passenger seats of a 2005 limited 5.7?

About a month ago my airbag light would come on and off as I was driving then one day it finally stayed on for about a week straight. I looked under the passenger seat and found a piece of plastic from some other car. Im guessing something from the last dealership it was at. I pulled it out and checked all the electrical connections under the seat and made sure they were good and tight and it worked! The light turned off and never came back on. Now this week Im driving down a road thats under construction and my jeep was vibrating real bad with the rough pavement and the light came back on. It did the same thing at first, flashing on and off and now today it is back on for good. I checked everything again really quickly but obviously something isnt right. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas, or had a wiring schematic so I could find which connections I am looking for and clean them and make sure they are secure.

I know its hard to help since I have no codes or really any information like that but I have heard that the only way to get airbag codes is from the dealer.

SupWiz17 09-29-2011 08:51 PM

Re: Airbag Light
Also I have always turned the car off whenever I touch anything under the passenger seat. Am I safe to touch the connections under the seats with the car running? I dont want the airbags to go off but it would be nice if I could somehow track down the issue like that. Also I think that this might be related, but I noticed that the passenger seat heated seats dont work. Im wondering if the dealer took the seats out for some reason and did not correctly re install them and this is causing my problems.

SvenskaJeepGuy 09-29-2011 09:20 PM

Re: Airbag Light
the heated seats module is under the passengers seat, make sure it is connected

SupWiz17 10-02-2011 08:45 PM

Re: Airbag Light
Do you know what module it is exactly? Is there a wiring schematic online that I could download?

Crestwood1001 10-06-2011 01:47 PM

The airbag lights coming on when ya hit bumps is fairly common in the wks, mine does it from time to time, iv learned to ignore it cause it goes right back off.

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GratefulDeadWK 10-06-2011 02:04 PM

Re: Airbag Light
With the ignition off unplug and re plug all the wires under both the driver and passenger seats. This usually fixes the problem. also put some pressure on the front of the pass seat cushion to jostle the sensor. This is my trick for my WK, yours might be different, but usually unplugging the wires under the seats does the trick and plugin them back in.

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