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chefalan23 09-27-2009 05:47 PM

off brand flowmasters
has anyone ever used these? if i had to guess they are probably as good, if not better b/c they're stainless

Robert Palmer 09-27-2009 05:51 PM

Re: off brand flowmasters
WTF is that? If you are going to buy that, you might as well get what I have (Dynomax Race Bullet).

HEMIBeast 09-27-2009 05:58 PM

Re: off brand flowmasters
Someones pulling our chain here Joe....... Right :confused:

chefalan23 09-27-2009 06:20 PM

Re: off brand flowmasters
its the same as a 1 chamber flowmaster. its about the same legth as a soda can. just a stupid loud flowmaster

chefalan23 09-27-2009 06:27 PM

Re: off brand flowmasters
here's a clip of it on a hemi ram

Mike_Levy 10-10-2009 03:31 AM

Re: off brand flowmasters
Why do people never learn? Flowmasters, or any chamberred mufflers (aka "Turbo mufflers"), are garbage. They don't flow worth a damn. The above mentioned Race bullets, and welded UltraFlows flow the best. The welded UltraFlows flow better then straight pipes. They're what you want, a straight through muffler with fiberglass packing for sound control.

robpp 10-10-2009 06:14 AM

Re: off brand flowmasters
i dont know about never learn. not everyone HAS to have every last pony regardless of noise. some of us over here compromise on noise and performance because these are our family wagons/daily drivers. not race cars like your srt8.

now Elvis, hes at a different level. and he has the straight thru design. theres a whole long CMR thread about why is joe so fast........well maybe a big part is his 'true flo-thru- exhaust along with his other mods.

i went the magnaflow route on my wk but een its a bit loud.....although it seems after my road trip it quieted down a tad. i would still like to add a resonator in line the tail pipe to kill the cruising drone.

here is a link to some text about ultra flow

Mike_Levy 10-10-2009 03:40 PM

Re: off brand flowmasters
I can see not needing every last pony. I can't see using something thats both more restrictive and louder then stock though. That just seems stupid to me.

robpp 10-10-2009 06:44 PM

Re: off brand flowmasters
IDK I mean my magna-flow I could see all the way thru, and its just a tad loud at highway speed. if passengers in the back, they are bothered. im going to add a resonator as the noise level is a bit more important than 2-3 HP. all just my opinion and preference.

Mike_Levy 10-10-2009 07:52 PM

Re: off brand flowmasters
I know all about the MagnaFlow. I had them on my Bimmer, and have the catback on my SRT8. Their volume seems to be related to flow. If you match up the flow and the right size mufflers, they quiet down. But otherwise they make a racket.

They do flow pretty well though. Certainly better then any turbo style or chamberred muffler.

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